How Long Does It Take to Write a Dissertation

How Long Does It Take to Write a Dissertation

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Writing a dissertation is an unpreventable experience every college student will face. It is an ultimately challenging and time-consuming task that requires ultimate determination, perseverance, and goal orientation. Additionally, it is critical to highlight that the students who combine studying with work or some social activities are likely to struggle a lot. 

How is it possible to simplify the task, eliminating possible stress and anxiety from the assignment completion? Learners who realize how much time it may take to succeed with the complex assignment, have higher chances to avoid negative outcomes. Proper planning and goal orientation are the two significant elements of flawless and problem-free work. 

How long does it take to write a PhD dissertation? It may be hard to believe, but the average student may work for more than a year to compose the dissertation first draft. 

Besides, it is critical to mention the time that will have to be spent searching for valid and credible sources that will be further researched and analyzed. Thus, the duration of the dissertation writing may depend on a plethora of factors, the academic degree being the fundamental one. The PhD learners may spend over five years to accomplish the assignment. 

How Long Does It Take to Write a Master's Thesis

How Long Does It Take to Write a Dissertation: Stage-by-Stage Guide

When it comes to dissertation writing, students will face numerous problems and challenges. Apart from the new structure, detailed research, and unusual processes that will have to be accomplished, the learner will have to spend much time on its completion. 

As specified in a plethora of reviews and comments, the first question students ask getting the assignment is about the time it will take to craft the paper. Are you ready to get a simple answer? Forget about it, as no one will give it. Instead, you are likely to hear the approximate span that will depend on numerous factors. 

In the overwhelming majority of instances, it will take from 13 to 20 months to come up with a reasonable, meaningful, and well-organized paper. At this point, the student should pay due attention to two factors that may influence how much time you will spend on the task:

  1. Requirements of Your College. The moment you hit the dissertation stage, you will learn new requirements you have never heard about. First of all, your school will define how many hours you will have to spend working on the dissertation. In such instances, irrespective of how fast you cope with the assignment, you will still have to cover the rest of the credits before graduation. Most educational institutions provide learners with a year for this type of work. 
  2. Social Factors. Work issues, family tribulations, and similar issues can influence the duration of your dissertation writing. Additionally, the process may be prolonged if any changes take place within the dissertation committee. 

Taking into account the previously mentioned elements, it may be exacting to estimate how much time you will have to spend on the dissertation. Nonetheless, there is always an opportunity to predict possible outcomes, based on the statistics. Keep reading to obtain more information about the potential stages of work and the approximate time it will take for their completion. 


This is the initial stage of work, which will predetermine the rest of the experience. In most cases, it takes up to 5-6 months to deal with the major questions, presenting the well-formulated topic and scholarly approach to writing. 

Chapters 1-3

What is the most time-consuming task during dissertation writing? The creation of these three chapters will take the most time, as they contain the most detailed and essential information on the topic. The student should consider the methodology of work, analyze the valid topical literature and explain the main notions within the text.

Although it is hard to estimate how much time the student can potentially spend dealing with these processes, you should be ready to devote over five months of your time here.  

The Approval of the Review Board

This step is the fastest and does not usually depend on the student. In the vast majority of instances, it will not last more than two months. 

Data Collection

First of all, one should acknowledge that it is a fundamental stage that will either advance the scholarly value of your paper or will completely eliminate it. Besides, it is critical to mention that the duration of this process will depend on the method of information gathering you choose. Anyway, it will vary from one to four months and can sometimes last even longer. 

Chapters 4-5

As specified by most learners, these parts of the dissertation are the simplest and fastest to craft, as the first chapter highlights the outcomes of your research while the other explains them. Although the task is not complicated, its completion will still take at least two months. 


The final stage will last for around two months. It is the time when you have to defend the work and revise it once again. Make sure it meets all the requirements and contains no inaccuracies or mistakes. 

How Long Does It Take to Write a PhD Dissertation

How Long Does It Take to Write a Master's Thesis: Factors That May Influence the Results

When college students are assigned to write the dissertation, the most ambitious and determined ones may be eager to accomplish it within a few months. Nonetheless, viewing this type of academic work, one should mind its multi-sided nature, which means that some processes will not depend on the student. Check out some factors that may influence the speed of your work:

  1. The volume of the dissertation. How long does a dissertation have to be? This is the first question college students should ask before diving into the writing process. At this point, the university requirements and the academic level should be taken into account. 
  2. Your typing speed. How fast can you work? This is another element that can influence the success of your experience. 
  3. Dealing with comments. Can you correct mistakes fast? Your ability to process the comments and notes specified by the committee will also influence the duration of work. 

How Fast Can You Create a Dissertation Worth Appreciation?

Most students are concerned about how long it will take to craft a flawless paper, ambitious and determined learners are interested in the shortest time it may take to succeed with the assignment. Is it possible to accomplish the paper in a week or a month? As mentioned by numerous students, there is nothing impossible, especially if you are ready to compromise some activities in order to prosper with others.