Best Science News Sources for Students and High School

Best Science News Sources for Students and High School

Published by on 2021-04-14 07:11:50

In a modern world, it is thought that there is nothing easier for a student than finding knowledge sources. The global availability of the Internet makes massive amounts of information available for the public whenever they need to find out anything. Still, the overwhelming quantity of data made it more challenging for students to find the best science news sites.

Here below, you can find the best science news websites for every student to visit. We won’t mention Wikipedia, though. Despite Wiki is the world’s #1 website delivering knowledge to the general audience, its authority and trustworthiness are too low to call it a source bringing science in the news for students. 

There exist science news sources publishing news materials of a much higher quality than Wikipedia. If you really want to be the first person discovering fresh scientific facts with the necessary level of detail, it is strongly recommended to consider adding the following resources to the bookmarks of your PC or mobile browser.

Top Science News for Students:

The planet’s most popular weekly magazine about science and technology has the website, the client application software solution, and of course, a printed edition to offer to its audience. NewScientist is a top-class source of science news for high school students and anyone willing to get firsthand notifications about scientific progress, big life questions, and human civilization as a whole. As the company says, whenever a worthy concept appears in someone’s mind, New Scientist will write about it.

Existing since 1956, the magazine works for everyone having their interest “in scientific discovery and its social consequences”. Throughout more than 60 years of activity, the edition evolved to develop:

  • Video shows
  • Podcasts 
  • Newsletters
  • Live events 
  • Courses

The company providing science news for students and everyone excited about the progress of humanity has its headquarters in London. Affiliated offices are located in Australia and the United States.

The Guardian

The Guardian is a daily newspaper from the United Kingdom. It was first known in 1821 as The Manchester Guardian. The house changed its name in 1959 and moved to London five years later.

The newspaper’s website is the most visited one among quality press resources. Scientific papers characterize this periodical as influential, prestigious, and high-quality. It is among the most respected and trusted newspapers on the planet. So the availability of multiple scientific articles on biology, genetics, physics, and especially the Science Weekly podcast let The Guardian site stand among the best places to find science new for students in 2023.

Whoever admires physics will be happy to find this web resource. The portfolio of Physics World includes digital, online, and printed informational services. Of course, they publish science news for middle school and high school students, too.

However, the target audience of Physics World publications is obviously the world’s community of scientists. The company aims to assist everyone interested in the process of industrial and academic research by allowing them to remain updated about the freshest scientific breakthroughs.

Space exploration achievements are among the most exciting science news middle school students may want to find. covers the topic of space discoveries, innovative achievements, and astronomy exploration. It is a regularly refreshing chronicle reflecting and honoring the greatest expansion mission of humankind.

Everyone having the wish to become a part of the global community making gradual steps beyond Earth will find worthy information at Local newsmakers aim to provide everyone with the possibility to feel themselves belonging to the latest initiatives and achievements, discovering new horizons and heights conquered by humanity.

To Conclude

The four websites mentioned above are only some of the best science news sources available on the web. Your wish to be aware of scientific achievements is wonderful in itself, so keep looking for new sites and possibilities to make your sightseeing wider. And of course, never forget the proverb suiting all the science admirers of the past, present, and future: where there’s a will there’s a way.