10 Best Tips on How to Write an Article Review

10 Best Tips on How to Write an Article Review

Published by on 2021-05-24 20:16:45

How to write an article review? That is the question that students mostly only ask once. They need some information or an article review example to find out what difficulties expect them in the way to a perfect grade. The good news is that writing a journal article review or any other assignment of that type is much simpler than it might seem. However, keeping up with particular requirements and tips in the process of writing is vital to make your paper worthy.

Why do they use an article review format at all? Mainly, the popularity of that assignment can be explained with the ideal learning opportunity it provides every student with. When you know how to do an article review correctly, you can conduct a thorough analysis of the work done by other field professionals. Evaluation is what comes next.

After your graduation, you’ll need the skill of reviewing the writings by your colleagues, too. It will be required to define whether or not their papers are original, concise, and understandable. In many ways, the contribution they make to the discipline depends on expert article reviews by other pros.

What’s the Deal?

Before you proceed with finding out how to write a good article review, it is essential for you to check and understand the definition of that academic paper. Simply put, an article review is about an analysis conducted with the deep expertise of the writer accompanied by arguments presented in a structured and understandable way.

How to Do an Article Review

The best approach towards writing an article review is to evaluate particular field literature constructively and critically while keeping up with four key concepts:

  • analysis;
  • classification;
  • comparison;
  • summary.

In case you are wondering how to write a journal article review well, then the type of periodical will be your answer. For example, scientific publications require reviewers to look through research databases to understand and describe the particular research. In that example, the main purpose you have as a reviewer is to sum up the author’s concepts and outcomes they’ve got clearly and understandably. Other reviews are not much different.

Main Types of Reviews

The contents of article reviews may vary depending on the types of writings you need to analyze. The main types are shown below. The principles remain the same, but you may want to shift some focus points regarding the type of a reviewed publication.  

Journal Article Review

How to do a journal article review and get a top grade? Along with many other papers of its type, a journal article review is called to estimate and present the original paper’s weak and strong points. A high-quality professional writer knowing how to write a scholarly article review will obligately show the value of the reviewed paper by analyzing and interpreting it thoroughly.

Research Article Review

When asking how to write an article review in APA format, students mostly mean this type. It is slightly different from the paper above. When reviewing a research article, you need to mention and evaluate the methodology that the researcher decided to use. Additionally, a research review can retrospectively criticize and analyze the available data.  

Science Article Review

This is the review of any article involved in scientific fields somehow. It is frequent for scientific articles to have a lot of background data included. Using it will help you to conduct a deeper analysis and, consequently, write a more comprehensive review.

How to Write a Good Article Review

10 Tips on Article Review Writing

Now, after you found out more about the nature and types of article reviews, it is time to check these tips out! Keeping up with them will give you a thorough understanding of the process. Googling how to write a journal article review sample can be effective, too. However, it is always better to understand the mechanism instead of copying someone else’s solutions.

Know What You Need

That’s the starting point. Find out what should be there in your work. When the answer is known, think about the logical structuring of your paper. To write a successful article review worth the top grade, you should know the basics of your work. Another obligatory point here is the thorough and insightful analysis.

Idea Clarified

The focus idea should be defined. During your first check of the original article, it is wise to pay the most attention to the general impression it makes for you. Then, try to come up with suggestions on the original author’s purposes while writing that article, and then conclude how well they kept with that intention.

Know the Field

Find out more about the specific field of the article if necessary. Study definitions and terms you don’t know. That’s an essential point you should pass to improve your knowledge and expertise.  

Concepts Highlighting

The most significant, key ideas mentioned in the original article are always worth highlighting. The best way to do that is to make marks and take notes while reading the article for the second or the third time. That simple move will help you understand the article even better. Consequently, you’ll be able to come up with a better analysis in your review.

Outlines Save Lives

Every student would probably agree that is true. An outline crafter thoroughly is about 50% of the perfect grade paper. Don’t forget to group up your thoughts and check the plan regularly to avoid skipping something crucial by accident. Here, you can also think about the questions to pose before you start writing a review. Write them down, too.

Title Brainstorming

That’s a must. Take your time to brainstorm ideas and pick a concise and remarkable title for your review.

Check the Format

Do you know how to write an article review in APA format for sure? That’s only one of the formats having its specific citing and formatting requirements. Make sure you asked your supervisor about that point if something was unclear. That’s vital, so don’t ignore the formatting if you want to get a good grade.

How to Do a Journal Article Review

An Intro is Key

The only answer about how to start an article review well, is to craft a good intro. That should be a “squeezed” paragraph containing all the focus concepts by the author and points shown in the original publication. Make sure there is a thesis at the ending part of your intro.

Formal Style is Best

Reviews should be kept formal. Third-person writing is necessary. Additionally, try not to forget to follow the rules and requirements of academic writing.

Make Own Conclusion

Give a summary, criticize the work, and make an original conclusion. It is okay if you have an opinion about the author’s arguments. Explain why you think the author did (not) reach the intended goal. In case you found certain weaknesses in the article, don’t forget to point them out. Strengths should be mentioned, too.

How Long Should an Article Review Be?

Usually, article reviews are between 2 and 3 single-spaces pages long. Of course, everything depends on the requirements of your program and professor, so don’t forget to clarify that if necessary.

Writing an article review is easier than you might think before reading the tips above, isn’t it? Keep up with the recommendations, take the given information into account, and you’ll most probably write a worthy review.