What Is The Purpose Of A Literature Review?

What Is The Purpose Of A Literature Review?

Published by on 2021-04-12 11:30:06

Academic writing is a common and regular task college students get. While crafting an argumentative or persuasive essay, thesis or report is a usual assignment most learners have no problems with, a literature review may be complicated and overwhelming. Why are literature reviews important? What is the purpose of this writing assignment? How is it possible to succeed with the paper? These are the most typical questions college students ask when they are assigned with the lit review.

If you have never had a chance to work on this type of academic writing, but now you need to submit one, you may face several problems. However, the struggle is real, but it may take some time and effort for you to succeed. So, let’s start with the definition and the purpose of the lit review.

A literature review is a survey of specific scholarly books, articles, dissertations, or other published works on a specified topic. The review of literature is important to the research process because it provides the readers with basic information about the discussed issue. Well-crafted literature analysis can help the audience understand the attitude of the writer towards a particular type of published material and discover new facts on the theme.

What is the main point of a review? The literature analysis may fulfill several functions. Check out the information mentioned below to deepen your knowledge about this type of academic writing and get a chance to prosper with it.

Why Is a Literature Review Important: Top 6 Reasons to Craft One

Before you immerse yourself in the writing process, you need to deal with the basics. What is the purpose of the literature review? Generally, there are numerous reasons why this type of academic paper is widely used among college students. If you struggle to find an answer to the question, “Why do literature review writers devote much of their time to this paper type?” Here are the top six reasons people make a significant effort to craft an impeccable and well-structured literature review.

  • It may be your obligatory writing assignment.
  • It provides a basic understanding of the topic.
  • It helps identify certain inconsistencies, such as conflicts in studies, gaps in research, and other issues that may affect the quality of your paper.
  • It simplifies the writer’s task to place the research within the context of the available works, giving grounds for further study.
  • It justifies the necessity of further research.
  • It gives necessary information from previous studies to avoid duplication.


Several other factors contribute to the significance of the literature review. But, what is the primary purpose of the review of literature? It is an opportunity to gain more knowledge on the topic that will help you conduct profound research worth appreciation.

Types of Literature Reviews

Defining the purpose of the literature review writing is beneficial, but there is another important step the writer should take beforehand. As mentioned in scholarly sources, three types of reviews may be used depending on the purpose of the literature study.

  • Simple. This is the basic type of review of relevant literature, the purpose of which is to give a brief overview of the theme using the most popular sources. In most cases, a well-structured literature analysis helps conduct excellent research.
  • Applied. The importance of literature review in professional environments cannot be overestimated. It helps estimate the profitability and efficiency of a specific project.
  • Academic. This may be a stand-alone work or a part of a bigger study that is aimed at a deeper investigation of the topic. Conducting a literature review means analyzing topical materials and studies that will enhance the chances to craft an accurate, consistent, and relevant paper.

Key Parts of the Literature Review

The process of analysis writing is complicated, requiring much attention and concern. Answer basic questions and follow guidelines to get a chance to prosper.

  • What is the review of related literature? Learn the definition and the specifications of this paper. Define literature review in a research paper to better understand the process and advance the quality of your study.
  • What is the purpose of a literature review? Investigate the key reasons why you need to pay due attention to this kind of writing work.
  • What sources of information should be reviewed? All the trusted sources you analyze while composing your paper should be included in the literature review.
  • What does a literature review do? Once you realize the significance of this writing type, you get a chance to succeed with your research much faster and more efficiently.