How to Summarize an Article Without Plagiarizing?

How to Summarize an Article Without Plagiarizing?

Published by on 2021-07-12 06:08:22

Students always need to write summaries of particular articles. For instance, when writing annotated bibliography, they have to write about used sources in their research. They have to briefly summarize every article to state the value and importance of a source and provide readers with background information. At the same time, they need to keep their writings original. Consequently, students experience a lot of problems with their assignments. They don't know how to present certain information using different words and keep it unchanged.

The ability of learners to summarize articles without plagiarism showcases how well they understand the information presented in a paper. In addition, it's forbidden for students to submit papers that contain any pieces of plagiarized content. In case any pieces of matched content are spotted in papers, they can be refused. In the worst cases, students who submit assignments with plagiarism can be dropped from college. In the post below, you will discover how to summarize an article without plagiarizing and keep them 100% original. 

How Do Tutors Check Papers for Plagiarism?

For starters, you need to know that instructors have vast knowledge in a particular subject. They researched tons of different materials by themselves. In most cases, they started exploring particular problems and looking for solutions before students were born. Even though they don't remember any article, they can definitely spot an idea that they have already read in another paper. Also, tutors check a lot of writings submitted by other students, so they have already seen all ideas that can be copied from the Internet or books.

Next, they examine the writing skills of a student. Papers submitted by learners need to match their academic performance. For instance, if an undergraduate has a low GPA and always submits essays scored by Cs or Bs, an ideal assignment looks suspicious. Some students who don't know how to write a research paper without plagiarism tend to reach online services and get help with homework. Therefore, it's vital to pick the corresponding academic level, buying papers online. If you pay for an essay of premium quality, there is a chance that your assignment will look suspiciously good.

Finally, they utilize online tools that help find the pieces of copied content in students' papers. Turnitin and are the most popular tools that help tutors check assignments for plagiarism fast and effortlessly. In addition, they examine file properties. It is a secret trick that helps instructors understand if a paper was plagiarised. For instance, they can find information about a person who created a document and track changes. If a document has been created a day upon a deadline, it needs to be checked thoroughly. 

Helpful Tips on Summarizing Articles Without Plagiarism

This type of academic task drives students to create original papers using the information provided in a particular source. It's forbidden to update the data because the source can lose its value simultaneously in this case. Students need to be precise and accurate, especially summarizing statistics and important facts that help form the outcome. Indeed, it's hard to compose a unique paper that contains pieces of texts that are forbidden to change. However, some hints can help create a top-quality paper that will pass a plagiarism check. 

Use Quotations

If there is no option to update the content to explain it in your own words, you ought to use quotations. For instance, you need to quote other people or facts that cannot be restarted, like rules and axioms. By adding a quote, you have to keep the original information unchanged, format it according to the provided instructions, and mention the author. All the text that is specified in quotes cannot be subjected to plagiarism charges. However, it's forbidden to copy someone's summary and quote it. Therefore, you need to write a unique summary of an article using your thoughts only. 

Rewrite an Article

The primary task of students who need to summarize an article is to create original writing that delivers the main idea of a mentioned reading but is written from scratch by undergraduates. They are free to consider the way of summarizing an article by themselves. Therefore, you have to create a new paper using your unique style of writing. In case you don't know how to rewrite a paragraph without plagiarism, follow the guidance below.

For starters, you need to read your article twice. Feel free to make a short break between reading sessions and analyze it after the first time. Reading an article for the second time, you ought to clarify or question your ideas. Also, make notes to flag the ideas that should be highlighted in your summary. Writing a paper, you should always use your thoughts and words from your vocabulary to create a paper that won't look suspicious. Note that you won't create a unique piece of writing by copying a sentence and updating a few words only.

Utilize Paraphrasing Tools

All students use the benefits brought by modern technologies to simplify the students' life. They use apps to manage their time, pay for help with assignments online, and use different tools to get their papers done faster. Having the need to summarize an article fast and experiencing a lack of spare time, you can use a paraphrasing tool. The most popular are:

  • QuillBot;
  • Paraphrase Online;
  • Spinbot;
  • Duplichecker;
  • GoParaphrase.

Also, some popular tools can summarize articles automatically:

  • Summarize Bot;
  • Resume;
  • TextSummarization;
  • Scholarly.

These tools can update a particular piece of writing to make it look original. They change the structure of a text, split sentences, replace some words with synonyms, and add some transition words. Such tools can update a paper, so they will be able to pass plagiarism checks. Unfortunately, by cheating on algorithms, you can make your paper horrible. 

Since online tools cannot understand the context they update, such tools can pick inappropriate words for your assignment. Therefore, you always ought to examine your essay thoroughly after using a paraphrasing tool. You will likely be required to edit your paper to make it easy to read and understand.

Check Your Writing

In the end, you need to check your essay for plagiarism. Since you don't have vast writing experience and extensive background in a particular subject, you have to rely on online tools only. If you don't know how to summarize an article without plagiarizing, you have to remember one important hint. Typos and misspelling may lower plagiarism because misspelled words are recognized as new ones by algorithms. Therefore, you need to eliminate any possible mistakes first. After getting rid of typos and errors in your paper, you ought to check it for plagiarism. If a report highlights some pieces of matched content, don't be shy to erase or update them. You can use synonyms to change some highlighted words and expressions. 

Nevertheless, if you cannot summarize your writing or have failed to make your paper unique, you can reach experts who will help you tackle your assignment fast. Note, it's vital to pick a reputable homework help platform to order assistance with articles online. Only a top-notch service will create a paper that won't get any charges for plagiarism.