Free Online Math Courses to Choose

Free Online Math Courses to Choose

Published by on 2021-04-13 10:37:09

Math is one of the most important subjects for millions of students all over the world. It is used in lots of different fields and areas, so you will need to understand it anyway. Even in case you are planning to focus on learning foreign languages or dive into any non-technical field, mathematics is science you will always need to learn. 

Math remains one of the most challenging subjects for many learners, and you might face some difficulties with completing math assignments, too. However, if you figure it out, you are likely to open lots of amazing career opportunities. But how can you understand it better? That’s easier than you might think. Choose one of the free online mathematics courses and improve your knowledge in the required field within the shortest terms.

How to Choose Good Online Basic Math Classes

The number of free online basic math courses is really impressive. However, many students are at risk of picking up the wrong one. Below you will find the list of features that should be taken into account when choosing the best free online math courses. 

The Right Level of Difficulty 

To pick up the right level of difficulty for your individual online math classes, it is important, to be honest with yourself and determine your level of knowledge correctly. For these purposes, you might find some online math tests that will help you find out the subjects or topics you are not really good at. After that, you will be able to pick up math courses according to your knowledge and requirements. 

Comprehensive Content

Math is one of the most complicated disciplines. When searching for the best courses for your needs, pay attention to their structure. Will the lectures cover all the topics you need to understand better? Always double-check this info before you start your online learning. 

Reputable and Experienced Teacher 

To have a deep understanding of a particular subject, it is important to find a skilled teacher with a brilliant mathematical background. If you are looking for the best online math education plans, pay attention to the teachers. Do they have expertise in math? What is their qualification? Quality courses are usually managed by experienced professionals only. 

Form of Courses 

When searching for the math courses online free, you might notice that they might be available in different forms. The most popular alternatives are video lectures and detailed written instructions with examples. You can choose any according to your individual preferences. 


Many scholars have difficulties with completing math assignments. Therefore, some courses might appear to be very popular among learners. If you decide to choose one of the regular programs, it is better to look for the reviews of other students who have already passed them. This simple trick will help you choose the most comprehensive and useful alternatives. 

Top Free Math Courses 

The number of online math programs is overwhelming. Moreover, your college or university might have its own particular program available on the Internet. Below you will find a list of the most popular courses that are highly ranked by most learners. Pay attention to the academic and difficulty levels of courses to pick up the most fitting one. 

Khan Academy 

This service is one of the most well-known platforms with hundreds of various courses for school, college, and university students. All the courses are available for free, so you will not need to pay a cent to boost your knowledge in math and related subjects. What does it offer?
  • Basic geometry. This program contains free online high school math courses available to all learners without any limitations. You can discover the basic concepts about lines, angles, shapes, area, perimeter, as well as transformations, congruence, and similarity. 
  • Trigonometry. This course is related to non-right triangles, trigonometric equations, and identities. If you feel you need more practice in these topics, Khan Academy is ready to help. 
  • Statistics and probability. How to compare quantitative data? Is it possible to analyze categorical data? What about modeling data distributions and exploring bivariate numerical data? Looking for advanced info about random variables? It’s easy to find the answers to these questions and much more in this course. 
  • Precalculus. This area of study is one of the most complicated ones. If you would like to find out the most comprehensive information about complex numbers, conic sections, vectors, composite functions, and other topics, the precalculus program might be the one you are looking for. 
  • Linear Algebra. This popular course is about matrix transformations and alternate coordinate systems. You will find lots of other math topics and paper examples related to Linear Algebra described in an easy and understandable way.

It is also worth mentioning that Khan Academy contains hundreds of other courses, starting from primary school to complicated college programs. Therefore, you will definitely find the necessary info on this advanced educational website. Moreover, the website design is completely understandable and user-friendly, so you are likely to enjoy the process of learning in a convenient and modern online environment. 

By the way, if you are not sure whether the chosen course is likely to suit your needs, you might pass a test before you start learning. This way, you get an opportunity to better understand the topics you will find in a selected program. The site also allows collecting mastering points on different topics, so you will be able to easily determine your strong and weak points during learning. 

The Open University 

The website of the Open University is designed to help students get more experience in hundreds of various fields. Of course, you can also find numerous free online college math courses there. Moreover, each program contains some info about how much time you are likely to spend on learning. As a rule, the courses vary from 5 to 50 hours. What are the advantages of choosing The Open University? 

  1. Numerous courses of different length.
  2. Various levels of difficulty available.
  3. Types of courses (lunchtime learning, ebooks, or badged courses).
  4. Each course has a rating.
  5. Ability to track your progress.
  6. Access to different course activities.
  7. Comprehensive course content.
  8. Reviews of passing different programs shared by other students.
  9. Free certificate in case you successfully complete a course.

Moreover, an Open University website also contains a handy search field to find the necessary courses in a matter of seconds. This might be incredibly convenient if you are searching for some specific data, field, or formulas. Solutions

If you are looking for more complicated topics to complete your college or university assignments, the service offers tons of opportunities for advanced learning. The website contains numerous paid and free courses shared by world-known universities, including Harvard University, Imperial College London, Arizona State University, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and many others. 

You can find free courses related to these disciplines:

  • algebra;
  • calculus;
  • geometry;
  • linear Algebra;
  • statistics;
  • regression;
  • logic;
  • pre-algebra;
  • probability;
  • pre-calculus;
  • analytics.

Most courses might require having basic knowledge in the chosen fields. Therefore, if you are planning to learn the main principles or formulas, it might be a good idea to start with easier programs on other services. 

The fact is that most courses are designed for advanced students who would like to dive a bit deeper into the selected niches. However, the service will be useful for those who are writing academic papers related to math science it contains tons of the most up-to-date and current data on many concepts and issues. It is also great for preparing for exams for diligent students from top colleges and universities. 


Being one of the pioneers in online learning, Coursera still takes the leading position in the number of quality online courses. Moreover, it has numerous math programs available for students at no extra cost. What is interesting about this service?

First of all, similar to all the courses mentioned above, Coursera contains only trustworthy and 100% quality courses for students with different academic levels and technical experience. There are hundreds of various educational programs for beginners and advanced learners. If you would like to get free courses for college and university students, choose a corresponding menu right on the Coursera main web page. By the way, the service also contains free online math classes for adults. 

What are the most popular Coursera courses for math enthusiasts? Here is a list of the newest options you can find on the platform right now: 

  • Introduction to Mathematical Thinking. Now, it’s easy to boost your analytical thinking, speed up the process of making the right decisions, and improve your logic. Even if you are not a math thinker, this course will help you become more technically savvy in a wide number of fields. 
  • Discrete Mathematics. This course is about the basic concepts of discrete math and information sciences. 
  • Calculus: Single Variables. The course is split into four different programs. They are called "Variables", "Differentiation", "Integration", and "Applications". This will allow students to choose the most suitable course in a fast and precise way. 
  • Complex Analysis: Introduction. If you are searching for the easiest way to learn about complex variables and functions, this program might be a great start to rocket launch your academic performance in math-related subjects. 
  • Data Science Math Skills. What about learning data science? Find out the info about the most complicated topics described in simple words. Even if you are a complete beginner in the field of data science, with this course, you might become a true expert in this tricky area of studies. 


The FutureLearn website is one of the newest solutions for easy learning. It is a handy and easy-to-use service that allows students all over the world to improve their knowledge in hundreds of different fields. The website has numerous advantages you should know about:

  • Each course contains info about its duration and the number of hours you will need to dedicate to learning each week.
  • Every program has a list of the requirements for the participants. It will be much easier to pick up a solution according to your knowledge and academic level. 
  • You can find out who the educators of the particular courses are. This will allow selecting the most experienced professionals.
  • Learners’ reviews. Find out the feedback of other students who completed the course in a single click. 

Although the service has many courses of different duration, requirements, and topics, some math programs are incredibly popular among thousands of learners. If you don’t know which one to choose, you can start with one of these popular solutions: 

  • Precalculus: the Mathematics of Numbers, Functions, and Equations. The program is developed for those learners who would like to gain or improve the most important math skills. The course doesn’t need an introduction since it provides essential data about the basic math concepts, rules, and formulas. 
  • Maths Puzzles: Cryptarithms, Symbologies, and Secret Codes. This course is not 100% educational. It has a powerful entertaining feature. If you are one of those who prefer learning while playing, this program is right for you. Lots of math discoveries are waiting for you!


Picking up top-notch and 100% understandable free math online courses might appear to be a long and complicated process. You will need to surf online for the available alternatives, explore the content, and read the reviews of other students. After that, you are expected to successfully pass the course, learn the basic rules and formulas, as well as complete all your academic assignments. All this might take you an amazing amount of time and effort. 

But what if you are still not good at math? Is there any chance to complete your assignments when having an urgent deadline? Sure! It’s easy to start using an academic writing service and get even the most complicated assignments done within the shortest terms. Our professionals are always ready to assist you with solving academic issues related to Algebra, Geometry, Statistics, Calculus, Logic, Analysis, and many other subjects and topics. If you are feeling tired or stuck with completing any type of college or university assignment, it’s time to get help from true experts!