How To Write A Personal Narrative Essay Outline

How To Write A Personal Narrative Essay Outline

Published by on 2021-04-13 12:42:47

The personal narrative essay is considered one of the most complex and challenging assignments that requires a unique approach. Creating an outline, which is also known as an essay "skeleton" is a vital part of coming up with an outstanding and successful project. But how to write a narrative essay outline fast and easy? What are its key parameters that should always be taken into account? In this advanced writing guide, you will find all the necessary information about writing personal narrative outlines and the most effective way to create your own solution. 

The Best Schema for a Narrative Essay Outline

Like many other common academic assignments, a personal narrative paper should contain traditional essay parts. If you have already written any papers, you might already know that these are the introduction, the main part, and the conclusion. However, this is not all that simple when it comes to creating a winning outline for your personal narrative assignment. The fact is that each of these basic parts should contain extra must-have features. If you follow this simple schema and make sure to include all the necessary features to your paper, you are likely to get a top-notch essay in no time. So, here they come. 

Top Introduction Parameters 

If you take a look at any modern narrative essay outline template, you will notice that all papers are rocket launched with a striking introduction. This means you should pay as much attention as you can to this part of your paper. Don’t forget to check whether the beginning of your paper can boast of having these features. 

  • A powerful calling in the reader’s attention. To put it short, it is a hook that is developed to encourage the audience to continue reading or listening to your paper. You are also expected to set up a proper voice and tone for the entire paper at the very beginning. Make sure your essay contains a curious fact, shocking event, or intriguing arguments of what you are planning to write about. Your essay should sound impressive from the first lines.
  • Thesis statement. This obligatory element often turns out to be the most complicated part of any paper. The narrative essay is not an exception to the rule. You will need to come up with a firing sentence that describes the main idea of your paper in a short and 100% comprehensive way. In other words, it represents the essence of your academic project. 
  • Background. This feature is designed to help the readers visualize the entire scene of what you are planning to write about. It is like the atmosphere or the environment of your paper. As for the personal essay, it might be some info about the house you lived in during childhood, the school you attended, and some other particular details related to the scene. 

Personal Narrative Essay Outline: the Body 

The main part of your narrative paper is its uppermost element. You will need to write about the essential moments, arguments and provide necessary descriptions when working on your essay’s body. Consider adding these features to your academic assignment for composing an outline of a fantastic quality. 

  • Setting. Some students are feeling confused when facing the necessity to write a background and setting. However, it is easier than you might think. The setting is a more advanced description of the background you’ve already come up with in the introduction. You can specify some extra details, including more facts about the time, people around you, your mood, and others. 
  • Events that come before the main event. This is another description that would help readers draw the picture of your essay in their minds. It is like a pre-step to telling the most exciting part of your story. However, avoid providing too many details on this step not to distract the readers from the main idea of your essay.
  • Main characters. Although the narrative essay is about yourself, some supporting characters might easily occur. It is important to provide the basic info about the protagonists of your essay, including their appearance, habits, manners, peculiar features, struggles, etc. Make sure to come up with only those features that are related to the plot. 
  • Action. This is a part of the essay outline that should be rich in facts and scenes. Make sure to put all the events in chronological order, open up the conflicts between the protagonists, and develop the main idea you’ve chosen as the basis for your paper. Don’t be afraid to add extra details, come up with examples and metaphors. These writing tricks will make your outline look brilliant. 
  • Verdict. What is the final of your essay? How did you feel after when it was all over? What lessons did you learn? Who was wrong, and who appeared to be innocent? You can also drop a few lines about the destiny of the other main heroes of the story. Still, don’t forget that an outline for a narrative essay should be focused on your personality. 

The Most Winning Conclusion Points 

The conclusion is another part of the narrative essay outline that should be written in the most precise and top-notch way. Here are some aspects that will make your paper outline look more solid and clear. 

  • Summary. Your outline should contain some core points in the main part. This is the best time to summarize all of them. What is the result of the conflict solved in the body of your essay? What is the final role of the protagonists? How it all influenced your mind and attitude towards life? Provide the reader with some basic conclusions of what you’ve already discussed in the previous part. 
  • Thesis statement. The last thing that is vital for composing a perfect narrative essay outline is restating the thesis. Many students miss this point and often receive lower grades for their assignments. Avoid making this common mistake and double-check whether your conclusion has an obligatory thesis statement. By the way, don’t formulate it with the same words and phrases you’ve used in the introduction. 

How to Write a Narrative Essay Outline Fast? 

Composing a polished narrative essay outline is often difficult, especially when you are writing a personal paper. Fortunately, you can always get professional help online and get your outline created by expert writers. This way, you will get a perfectly written solution with no effort. 

If you don’t know whether you will cope with this type of assignment, you can surely try writing it yourself. The professional academic solution is available to all students on any writing stage. Therefore, there is nothing to worry about anyway.