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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have many questions about our essay writing service. We have compiled a list of the most popular questions and answered them for you:
  • What is a PhD dissertation?
    This paper is an important stage in a student's life and one of the requirements for a Ph.D. Such a task includes disclosing a specific topic, formulating goals, and conducting research to confirm the correctness of judgments and theories in practice. Thus, a dissertation symbolizes the final educational stage.
  • How long does it take to write a PhD dissertation?
    If you write your dissertation yourself, you will need about a year on the main draft and a couple more months to meet all the technical requirements and polish each paragraph. This duration is due to the complexity of the research.
  • Can you write a dissertation in a month?
    Typically, writing a dissertation in a month is a doable task. This time is sufficient, provided that nothing will distract the student from the main goal. In addition, any writer should immediately set aside at least 3-4 days to check each paragraph and correct all inaccuracies.
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The PhD dissertation is one of the most important academic papers for students. It is one of those papers that you need to get a bachelor's degree. Many students fearfully await the moment when they have to write this assignment. This is partly due to increased demands and the need for significant research. But is everything so hopelessly difficult? To understand this, let's take a look at the basic structure of this type of task.

The Structure

Here is a basic structure that is acceptable for most students. It should be noted that the list of sections and the general sequence may differ depending on the type of educational institution. However, this structure will help you understand what consistency your custom paper might have.


This page is very important for all college students. You should adhere to all requirements that are relevant to your educational institution. As a rule, this contains information about your topic, your number, and other data. Pay attention to the guidelines that your advisor will give you.


Generally, you do not need to add this section to your university or college assignment. However, you can mention people who have helped you find data, provided advice, or inspired new research. As a rule, the student can thank the parents for their patience or friends for their disinterested help.


This part of your personal assignment is extremely important. Typically, this is just a couple of paragraphs up to three hundred words. But you need to put a lot of important information here, like:

  • Research topics and objectives
  • Your method
  • Research results
  • The conclusion

Try to write this part as succinctly as possible and indicate all the important aspects. As a rule, an abstract is what people pay attention to most often. It would be wise if you look at other samples and follow the general guidelines.

Table of Contents

Any candidate paper includes this section. All of your chapters, subheadings, and bibliography are listed here. Remember to stick to the general structure your advisor will give you. This will help you easily find the part or section you are looking for. 

List of Figures, Tables, and Abbreviations

Any professional will tell you that a huge number of figures or tables should be placed in a separate section. This is important for organizing your data and making it easier to access your research results. Plus, you'll have to make a list of abbreviations and also sort it alphabetically. These are all important for the readability of your PhD thesis.


Many students want to be creative and use professional terms. That is why you need to create a glossary to place all those scientific words that you have added. It's best if you stick to alphabetical order.


This is where you should talk about your topic and its importance. Emphasize the type of research you have and draw parallels between your assignment and other relevant papers. Answer a few key questions. What are you writing about? Why is this relevant? How did you do your research, and what did you want to achieve? This part is a starting point and allows you and your readers to understand the purpose of your work.

Literature Review

No research is complete without finding and using trusted sources. It is best if you make a list of all the articles, magazines, and websites you intend to use. Make a connection between your sources and how they disclose the topic. It will be correct if you indicate which methodologies or approaches to research are most important. Here you can indicate those gaps that need to be eliminated with more thorough research.


Here you have to choose which method and general research approach is the best you can choose. How are you going to get the data you need for research? Decide on the tools that will be useful to you and indicate any problems or difficulties during the research phase. Besides, you have to evaluate your methods and justify their effectiveness.


Every writer should be aware that this section is about discussing research findings. Write down if you were able to confirm the hypothesis or if there were some objective reasons why it was impossible to do it. Indicate how the data obtained was able to confirm your guesses and whether your expectations were met. But you don't have to be subjective. Maintain a strict interpretation of the results and include additional data if required.


This is an equally important section because here, you can indicate the importance of research and whether you were able to get answers to your questions. Here you can also indicate what research can be done additionally so that you can improve the investigation results and supplement your task in the future.


This is the logical conclusion of your task that interprets the data received. Write down why your paper is valuable and whether you have been able to complement existing theories or studies.

The Best PhD Dissertation Writing Service

It should be noted that such a task is one of the most important in students' lives. You have to do large-scale analysis and spend months of your life. That being said, you should look for content in articles, scientific journals, and other sources.

Not all people have enough desire, strength, and ability to take into account every detail. Sometimes it is better to buy such paper and save a lot of time. How about a PhD dissertation writing help? There is nothing wrong with that. If you are unsure that you can handle the task by yourself, then we are ready to write your assignment as soon as possible.

Contact us at any time and provide all the details of your assignment. Help with PhD dissertation is another way to fulfill writing tasks. We guarantee you cheap services and a professional team that will complete the task faster than anyone else. We always meet deadlines and write plagiarism-free papers from scratch. You only need to order a paper at an affordable and transparent price just with a couple of clicks.