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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have many questions about our essay writing service. We have compiled a list of the most popular questions and answered them for you:
  • What is a persuasive essay?
    This is a type of student assignment that aims to teach the student the talent of persuasion. Depending on the topic, this paper involves using opinions based on facts and research to create persuasive arguments. The student's point of view should be valuable through prior research.
  • How long is a persuasive essay?
    A standard persuasive essay can be 500 or 1000 words in length. However, graduate essays can be 5000 words or even more, depending on the topic chosen and the amount of data. You should keep these considerations in mind when preparing to write your paper.
  • What is the main point of a persuasive essay?
    Your primary and most important point is to provide detailed and compelling evidence. In addition, students write such papers to learn how to form strong arguments and fend off any counter-arguments and conflicting facts. This is the main point of such a task.
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Students have to complete numerous writing assignments every school year. There is a good reason why it is so. By writing papers, students show their erudition, ability to express ideas, techniques to convey readers, and more. Overall, the work on an essay requires a lot of skills and experience. It is not something a young person can master after the first, or even tenth, try. However, there is one academic paper type that may scare any student more than any other assignment. It is a persuasive essay. Why? Let’s find out. 

What Is a Persuasive Essay?

Now, as you might have guessed right now, the goal of a persuasive essay is to convince readers of something. This something can be a theoretical, practical, or even abstract issue. Your discussion topic can be something that exists in our society or something that you argue should become a part of it. Overall, the main rule for your topic choice is that it has to be a matter of dispute. There should be at least two opposite sides to it, and you have to support only one of them.

Thus, this goal determines the whole paper as such. You have to show two things in your paper. First, you need to demonstrate why the side you are on is the right one. Second, you have to convince your readers that any other side is the wrong one. 

The first and the main goal of a persuasive essay is to demonstrate the writer's ability to express their thoughts. Your stream of consciousness has to be tamed and structured in a manner that is easy to follow for someone who is not you. After all, it is not any ordinary personal essay where your goal is self-expression. 

The structure of your essay also has to help you convince the readers. Moreover, your arguments have to play the main role in your text. In this work, you have to form a case and then prove it to yourself and readers. It may sound simple at first. However, once you start working on this assignment, you learn more about the complexity of this task. Be sure that to graduate, you will need to master this form of writing. The talent of persuasion has a very high value in college, as you will soon learn. 

Ways to Persuade

If you need some help with writing a persuasive essay, you can learn more about persuasion methods. First of all, you should know that the methods you use to convince someone in person and writing may differ. You can’t help yourself with non-verbal communication, which makes it much harder than you’d expect. You don't want to seem arrogant, stubborn, or aggressive during your attempts to convey someone in the rightness of your arguments. However, to avoid that from happening, you need to be extra careful.  

Full, unbiased research is your best chance to win people over. Overall, research is the stage of your work that will take the most time. However, it will be worth it in the end. Once you have it complete, your main task is to make your arguments speak to the people. Just enlisting references is not enough to convince people. You have to use special tactics for that. Here are a few tips on how to persuade in writing: 

  • Pick a topic you feel knowledgeable about 
  • Research all sides of the argument
  • Break down the opposition’s arguments
  • Repeat your arguments
  • Be empathetic
  • Provide a lot of evidence

Now, taking a closer look at these tips, you can see the common theme in them. You need to appeal to people, not push on them. You work with the arguments and evidence. However, you need to know how to communicate with them in a manner that will be acceptable and convincing. 


The way you construct your arguments is the most important part of your work. You should leave your readers no room for any doubts. You can achieve this with the right structure, voice, and pace of your narrative.

First things first, you should never leave out an argument hanging there on its own. It must have support from other authors, official data, or other sources. It needs to show that this is not just your opinion, but other respected sources as well. The same goes if you criticize the opposite arguments. You need to provide strong evidence on why this opinion is not as valid or reliable as the one you are trying to persuade us with. 

Persuasive Essay Writing Service

Some college students know from the very start that writing is not something they fancy. It takes years and dozens of trials and errors to master the art of academic writing. Not every student can afford to pay such a high price for this cause. Fortunately, there are plenty of more affordable ways you can complete such assignments. Many professional writers online understand that young people need some help in their pursuit of higher education, and they are happy to be of any assistance. This is why the Internet is full of services that can offer their custom writing help. 

Any student can easily buy the service they need in just a few clicks and brief communication with customer support. Usually, it is that easy. In case students want to cut some expenses and go fast and cheap, they need to provide full instruction for the paper, so it will be done just as they want from the very first try. Overall, asking for a hand from professionals can be one of the best moves you make in college.