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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have many questions about our essay writing service. We have compiled a list of the most popular questions and answered them for you:
  • What is a personal statement?
    This is a statement, which is an important part of the activities and supports your application. The process of writing such a paper is associated with a description of your goals and passion on the way to comprehending new knowledge. In addition, it helps to emphasize the purposefulness of students.
  • What should a 500 word personal statement include?
    This assignment involves the use of clear arguments and motivational patterns that are important to the student. Any personal statement is a set of goals, dreams, and ambitions that are accompanied by a craving for knowledge and a desire for self-improvement. All this information should be added to your paper.
  • How long did it take you to write your personal statement?
    Standard time frames cannot limit such a task. The fact is that some students can complete this paper in 3-4 hours, while others will need several weeks to write a draft. This is why determining the exact amount of time is a tricky task.
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Every student knows that the application process is impossible without writing a personal statement. This paper will allow you to express all your emotions and anticipation of the educational process. The fact is that such a task allows the admission committee to learn about your skills, experience, ambitions, and future goals. In part, the personal statement is no less important than the entrance exams. That is why you need to learn all the ins and outs of writing such an academic paper.

What to Write About?

This question is relevant for many people since such a paper should be convincing enough. Let's say you are writing your statement for law school. Here's what you should mention:

  • Ambition
  • Objectives
  • Skills
  • Your hobbies
  • Volunteer activities

This assignment includes a description of all your activities, skills, and ambitions. Try to describe how important it is for you to become a student and gain new knowledge. Write about yourself because you are the main character of this assignment. Do not forget to mention all of your significant achievements and social activities.

Personal Circumstances

Here is another effective aspect that is relevant for such a task. Write about your personal circumstances, which became an important factor in your development as a person and a student. For example, you can talk about the difficulties that made your character stronger or about the financial difficulties you overcame. Here you can indicate that you were able to receive a scholarship to cover your education costs. This is not required, but it may affect the admission committee.

Top Tips to Help With Writing Personal Statement

There are some key tips to make your statement look professional. If you stick to them, you will increase your chances of getting into college. These tips will also help you avoid common mistakes and spend significantly less time writing. Let’s look through them.

Make a Draft

Writing a personal statement for grad school or other educational institutions is always a compromise. The point is that you will have a character limit for your paper. Create a draft and write all your thoughts there. Even if you exceed the limit or even go up to 10,000 characters, then this is not a problem.

You can always delete unnecessary paragraphs or sentences. The point is that your custom paper is like a summary of your achievements, dreams, and ambitions. That is why it is better to remember all the interesting aspects of your life and reduce those parts of the assignment that do not affect the disclosure of your personality and goals.

Take Your Time

Typically, you will have enough time to write your paper. No need to do a speedrun and try to complete a task in an hour. You will not win an Olympic medal or prize money for this. This is especially true if you are writing your statement for a medical school. It is best if you take breaks for several hours or even days. There is nothing wrong.

You should remember that your future education depends on this task. Start writing when you have inspiration or when no negative factor affects your well-being. Then nothing will distract you, and you can remember all the important aspects that will help you write this task better. Don't worry if you have to take a break for a couple of days or even a week. As a rule, students find it difficult to choose the best moment to create such a paper. Give your task a few hours a day.

Find the Perfect Words

First, it concerns logical consistency. You should write not too large sentences and choose the right words. Pay attention to the fact that your paper is light and understandable for the one who will read it. Secondly, you will have to spend some time replacing some words or even sentences. This is especially true for those students who are not native speakers. Use a dictionary of synonyms or all the examples available on the Internet to make your statement more convincing.

Concentrate on Your Strengths

This is a very important piece of advice. Imagine that you are a seller in the Turkish market and need to sell a product available in almost every store. Concentrate on your benefits. For example, it can be knowledge of foreign languages, participation in volunteer projects, or the ability to overcome difficulties. Introduce yourself as a product of great value.

This may sound a little odd. But who besides you can imagine you as the ideal student? Try to discard all prejudices and describe all your strengths. But you don't need to write a laudatory ode and admire your own achievements. Stay neutral and state the facts. Then your paper will be really effective.

Find the Right Opening Sentence

Any writing expert will tell you that the first sentence or the entire paragraph is the most important part of your assignment. You should find a joke, a fun fact, or just create an original message to whoever is reading this. Not all people can come up with something interesting as an introduction.

Probably you should write the entire paper and return to the initial sentence at the end. Then you will have more opportunities to come up with something original. You should also look at samples of similar tasks on the Internet to understand how you can write your introductory sentence. Do not hurry. Get to work when you feel inspired.

Be Honest

Many students cannot resist the temptation to gloss over their own talents or skills. This is partly justified because people tend to underestimate themselves and doubt at every step. But there is a category of people who tend to exaggerate their own talents. For example, you should not write that you are fluent in a foreign language if your knowledge limit is a couple of words or sentences. Also, you should not overestimate knowledge in any area if you only know basic terminology.

Try to be as objective and honest as possible. It is best to write that you have just started learning something and do not know much. You should note your commitment and back up your statements with real facts. Even if you want to exaggerate your skills a little, then you will have to confirm this in the near future. Try to get the required knowledge and skills before your deception is revealed.

Your Own Work, Voice, and Ideas

One of the main problems for many students is blind copying of ideas and postulates that they read in other people's assignments. Samples are a great help for those who don't know where to start. But you should only write about your accomplishments, goals, dreams, and hobbies. 

If you copy what you see in other statements, then you run the risk of describing a completely different person. Don't attribute other people's goals or talents to yourself. You are a unique person, and you should only write about yourself.

Proofreading Is a Must

Each student is like a product on the shelf. You need to be perfect for someone to want to buy you. This aspect also applies to your paper. You should carefully check the logical sequences and the overall consistency of your assignment. Try not to jump between your themes and bring logic to your text. Also, you should reread the entire text several times and find possible lexical and grammatical errors. This is very important for your personal statement.

Read It Out Loud

Sometimes people do not notice how they write monotonous sentences that are in no way interconnected with each other. That is why you should read your assignment aloud at least a few times. The integrity of the story is important, especially when you talk about yourself and your accomplishments.

You shouldn't write something in one sentence and immediately cut off your thought. Complete your description of your skills, experience, or talents and use a bridging sentence to transition to a new topic smoothly. Sometimes it is better to read the paper about ten times to notice logical inconsistencies or weak sentences.

Get Someone to Proofread Your Assignment

Third-party help is a good idea, especially if you are already so tired that you don't notice obvious problems with your applications. Let your friend or relative read your paper at least a few times. Most likely, the outsider is less subjective and will be able to find weak sentences or inconclusive paragraphs quickly. Your main task is to explain to your proofreader what to look for. By the way, such help will also be relevant if you do not notice some spelling errors.

The Best Personal Statement Writing Service

Now you know about the most important tips and can write a similar task. But not all people can or want to spend weeks or even months writing the perfect statement. There is no shame in this. For example, you can work in the evenings or babysit. This is why the personal statement writing help comes in handy.

Our company is ready to write for you any paper that will help you with your admission. One of the main advantages is affordable prices and the ability to choose any deadline. You can write to us at any time of the day or night, and we will always help you. But that is not all. We know that only an expert writer can do such a task. That is why our team of professionals has vast experience and is ready to complete any complex task.

Our cheap service is the best a student can get. Just contact us and tell us what we should write. We guarantee that your assignment will be perfect. Now you can save yourself from nightmares and buy your personal statement. All you need is a couple of clicks on the site.

We can also edit, rewrite or proofread your paper. You just need to write to us and do not waste time. We guarantee that the admission committee will highly appreciate your assignment.