T Test Application in Employee Satisfaction

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Date:  2021-03-02

The t test in this case is going to measure the statistical importance of employee satisfaction levels in a company. Employee satisfaction has been seen to boost the performance of companies because of better service provision to clients as a result of higher levels of employee motivation activities (Chew, 2005; Leana, Ahlbrandt, & Murrell, 1992). In two random organizations that have implemented pro-employee retention and motivation practices, this study looks at the ratings that the employees give the company after 3 months. After the implementation of some changes to boost employee satisfaction in a company A, the t test is going to be used to measure the average improvement in employee satisfaction levels based on collection of responses from employees on a scale of 1 to 100, whether they feel that their company have improved. The aim of collecting the information is to determine whether statistically speaking, there is a real improvement in the levels of employee satisfaction practices in the companies, which has been linked to improved financial performance of the company.

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The t test in this case will help to determine whether the company has made statistically significant effect on the employees since the implementation of new practices towards employee satisfaction. The research question is important because the application of the t test is widespread and can be used even in the corporate for the measurement of the effectiveness of company efforts in service improvement internally. In the application of the four step hypothesis test, the null hypothesis is that there has been positive response to the application of new practices. The significance level in this case will be 0.08 because of the likelihood of having factions that dont think the changes have been effective. In this case, the sample numbers are as follows: 93, 91, 89, 87, 95, 97, 83, 90, 78, and 93. The previous rating was found to be a mean of 56.3 with a significance level of 0.05 and a standard deviation of 4.31. We thus make a decision with the help of the t test.

The mean of the population sample (assuming its a random collection of responses) is 89.6, while the standard deviation is 5.72. In this case, the two-tailed P value is less than 0.0001. Such a difference is considered to be statistically significant. As such, the company can be said to have made very efficient steps towards ensuring that their employees are sufficiently satisfied at the workplace.


BIBLIOGRAPHY Chew, T. (2005). Achieving organizational prosperity through employee motivation and retention: a comparative study of practices in Malaysian institutions. Research and Practice in Human Resource Management, 13(2), 87-104.

Leana, C., Ahlbrandt, R., & Murrell, A. (1992). The effects of employee involvement programs on unionized workers' attiudes, perceptions and preferences in decision making. Academy of Management Journal.

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