SWOT-Advanced Mobile Imaging Company

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Date:  2022-03-19


Advanced mobile imaging provides different patients with quality services of hospital imaging services. This business offers different physicians and patients with communication and other superior services to grow a reputation as mobile diagnostics leaders. An examination of the SWOT analysis of this company helps stakeholders and different other participants in the market to understand the various issues that they face while operating in the mobile imaging markets worldwide.

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This company has a total of seventy employees, where they work together to ensure that they offer quality services to different patients that visit the facility. A competent ready to serve customer service is available in the company, and they provide services for people during their vulnerable moments (Sekhon, 2019). Have an excellent understanding of the specific details that drive a business to retail. The staff can schedule different patients while they handle separate authorizations for insurance, staff, and talent.

Improved safety of patients has been developed where the role of healthcare has been increased to enhance the role of healthcare in more safety of patients. The organization has excellent and modern equipment for the staff to use in the care for patients (Mudanyali, White, Chen & Karlovac, 2015). The equipment provides greater efficiency for the provision of services in different operations of healthcare. The competitive advantage is that there is a use of advanced IT tools that few other organizations have, which have helped meet different needs of the community.


A small company with a weak system integration where the staff and management do not have any private equity to aid in building various infrastructure. Different gaps exist in the company where the health experts with many years of experience do not consider the ideas of the other junior staff (Nguyen, 2017). The business processes in this company that need to be improved include the company having different applications outside the facility for a more integrated system.


A growing need for health services in the area they operate in creates a chance for this company to enter and dominate the market with a more competitive advantage. The benefit they get when they win contracts for several years creates a future where they are more capable of attracting larger populations of patients (Simone, 2016). Growth of the aged population will create a need for more healthcare providers, and the company can seize this opportunity to expand its markets. Technological advancements and internet adoption will help the company communicate with current and future patients through the internet and cell phones.

New ways of communicating with physicians, patients, and the general public will be developed, and the community will adopt them. Current customers think highly of the company and regard the services to be high quality, which shows a high possibility of future satisfied customers (Moseley, 2017). Networking with different associations like the American college and the Michigan hospital association increases networking and better opportunities for expanding services and improving equipment. The company will adopt the use of smartphones to change customers and contract the amazon for services in telemedicine networks.


The company is not fully developed, which makes it vulnerable to competition from more developed companies. Reduction in exams reimbursements creates more costs on end equipment (Kodolitsch et al., 2015). Few employees in the company reduce the chances of reaching different goals and compete for new opportunities in the market.

The cost incurred by adopting technology in the provision of healthcare services may be high for the company to bear. Implementing and training staff the new technological advances is an expensive activity that requires qualified experts. The market is over-flooded with healthcare provider companies, which pose a considerable threat to this company in terms of customers and resources.


SWOT analysis of this company aids stakeholders and different participants in the market to understand the various issues they face while operating in the healthcare provision. The company should use multiple studies to educate its staff to mitigate the threats and challenges they face in the market. Adopting new technology helps increase the company's reaching of new customers while retaining the current ones.


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