Research Paper on Empathy in Spiritual Care for Patients

Paper Type:  Research paper
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Date:  2022-03-22


What is spiritual care? It is referred to as the provision of empathy to others as an element of appreciating humanity. Spiritual needs are universal aspects felt by every human being according to their views of the world from experiences (Ramezani, Ahmadi, Mohammadi, & Kazemnejad, 2014). Spiritual care is a compassionate and sensitive practice that helps patients accept their situations. Nurses are not obligated ethically to practice spiritual care to patients; however, it is a significant element of palliative care. Thus, nurses are advised to offer spiritual support to patients and their relatives (Ramezani et al., 2014).

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Spiritual care help nurses unify scientific knowledge with human sensitivity and awareness. Through identifying the patient's right view of nature and culture, the nurse can incorporate scientific skills to provide the appropriate care. Furthermore, the provision of spiritual needs to the patients increases their recovery from illness. (Connerton & Moe, 2018). Hence, facilitating natural medication to the patients by the nurse.

Human being of all ages needs spiritual care due to their diverse worldviews. As a nurse, understanding the patient's fundamentals is significant when providing spiritual care to a patient. It involves knowing how patients view reality and their shared cultural background. Hence, as a nurse, it is difficult to understand each patient's diverse environments. Therefore, there are challenges when providing spiritual needs to patients and their families (Balboni et al., 2014). Difficult to identify the spiritual needs of some patients. As a nurse, it is hard to identify the spiritual needs of patients suffering from an illness that hinder communication between them. For instance, where the patient suffers from aphasia, identifying the patient's worldview and culture is difficult. The communication barrier between the patient and nurse affects spiritual care.

Nurses make ethical decisions and interventions for patients in stressful situations. When a patient is in a critical condition, then the nurse administering medication is right to make moral decisions for the patient. The nurse can point out essential choices for the patients due to the deep awareness of the patient's worldview and culture (Balboni et al., 2014). Thus, nurses are the right choice for making appropriate decisions for patients in stressful situations.


In conclusion, spiritual care is essential to every patient. Thus, nurses should provide spiritual needs to the patients. Also, the introduction of spiritual care to the patient dramatically affects the relationship between patients and nurses. Hence, all healthcare should provide spiritual care to patients to increase the rate of recovery.


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