Nursing Master's Education Program Reflection Paper

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Date:  2022-02-17


The essentials of Master's Education in nursing usually mirror the continued call of the profession to the grandaunts to acquire imagination skills, thinking in a revolutionary manner, and continued growth of knowledge. The high knowledge explosion, increase in diversity, and the problems affecting global health provide a conducive nursing environment and showcases the contribution that nurses make to improve the healthcare of individuals (Gerard, Kazer, Babington, & Quell, 2014). The current paper is a portfolio reflection throughout the nursing master's program.

There are eight fundamentals that are provided by the nursing master's education. They include assisting nurses in getting a background from sciences and humanities, organization and systems leadership, improvement of quality and safety, translating and integrating scholarship into practice, informatics and healthcare technologies, health policy and advocacy, interprofessional collaboration for improving patient and population health outcomes, and the clinical prevention and population health for improving health" (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2011). Upon the completion of the master's program, students must have the abilities to:

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  1. Facilitate changes by integrating evidence-based information and strategies into nursing practice
  2. Integrate ethical decision-making into practice
  3. Manage the impact of health and public policy on health care delivery
  4. Actively participate in professional nursing leadership activities
  5. Engage in collaborative practice with a diverse workforce
  6. Evaluate the physiological and educational needs of the person on the health-illness continuum
  7. Provide holistic care to culturally diverse health care consumers
  8. Effectively use a variety of assessment, teaching, and evaluation strategies" (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2011).

Facilitate Changes by Integrating Evidence-Based Information and Strategies into Nursing Practice

Throughout the program, we got trained on the importance of research and how to bring change in the nursing practice by using the research information. Evidence-based research in nursing involves the use of research findings to help in the improvement of the nursing practice, the surrounding where the work takes place, and also the outcomes of the patient after the nursing care. The American Nurses Association requires that the interventions of nurses should be practical and dependent on the research findings. The research practice enables nurses to improve their services.

During the program, were taught that evidence-based information is essential and that it usually requires the use of the results obtained from research. The information helps in decision making and improvement of care. According to the program, we are supposed to use the peer-reviewed data that is often published by the nursing bodies. The master's program also taught us that by following the evidence in the data, we get to experience evidence-based practice in our careers as nurses. Additionally, the program helped me in the application of nursing theory and research, for I gained the ability to research and use the information. For instance, in our advanced pharmacology class, our group got assigned with the task of getting the pharmacology of aspirin. As a group, we conducted research and found evidence-based information from a website by the name pharmafactz. The data from the site helped our group explain to the class the pharmacology of aspirin. The information helped us realize that aspirin usually works by binding with COX, which is an enzyme of cyclooxygenase.

Integrate Ethical-Decision-Making Into Practice

Throughout our careers as a nurse, we will come across many ethical dilemmas occurring in various challenging situations of patient care. The instances of ethical dilemmas can result in us suffering from stress due to struggling with making decisions on the best ethical practices in the given situations. According to the American Nurses Association, there are ethical guidelines that should direct us nurses on the right ethical practices to carry out, which include autonomy and justice (American Association of Colleges of Nursing, 2011).

According to the master's program, nurses need to practice correct ethical decision-making (Gerard et al., 2014). The reason for this is that it helps in bonding with patients, which helps patients in their recovery. In my view, the APN role fits this objective. The reason is that the nurses have the task of taking care of the patients. Ethical decision-making is one of the nurses' roles as they make the best decisions for patients. When patients have a good relationship with their nurses, it becomes easier to communicate, and this helps in improving the patients' health. In our class, we came up with some of the ethical dilemmas and discussed how we could address the issues. Autonomy was one of the ethical decisions in nursing that we learned in the program. I learned the importance of respecting the conclusion of the patients as to whether to accept life-sustaining treatments or to refuse.

Manage the Impact of Health and Public Policy on Health Care Delivery

Throughout the program, I learned about the importance of policy in healthcare. I learned that policy is essential in healthcare as it is a guideline for decision making in the healthcare sector. Additionally, strategies help in the establishment of plans that will help nurse practitioners fulfill the desires and goals that the health sector has put in place. The healthcare policy taught about this issue in depth.

In the program, we learned the importance of policies in our role as nurse practitioners. We have learned that it is essential to learn about the policies, for they affect us in our daily activities as nurses. Additionally, the policies enable us deliver improved services to patients. We also learned that in addition to knowing the policies, we are also supposed to advocate for those policies which we feel are good and will improve our service provision.

In our class, the trainer assigned us duties of researching policies in health care delivery. Our group discussed the affordable care act. President Obama signed the law in 2010 (Protection & Act, 2010). The policy aimed at expanding the coverage of health insurance to every American citizen, and also reducing healthcare costs. By understanding the policies and their impacts, we get to offer the best practices we can, and per the law.

Actively Participate in Professional Nursing Leadership Activities

In the program, we got taught that to realize the dream of a well-established system of healthcare, competent and reliable leadership is a requirement. However, we learned that not every nurse usually has the goal of leading others. According to the master's program, nurses should produce a good leader. The task of the leader is collaborating with other professionals in the healthcare sector, to provide the best healthcare services to the public.

During the first semester, our trainer divided us into various groups. I was the leader of my group, and I was supposed to collaborate with other leaders. Also, I was to guide my group during the discussion session so that everyone could concentrate on what we were doing. Towards the final semester, I was advised to join the AANP, which is the American body for nurse practitioners. In the body, I have learned so many things so far in terms of leadership. Our leader is responsible for talking on our behalf, and also collaborating with other professional leaders such as the physicians' leaders. Due to the knowledge provided to me by the program on leadership, I have aspirations that someday I will lead the organization to help propel it to other levels.

Engage in Collaborative Practice With a Diverse Workforce

In the nursing master's program, I learned about the importance of professional collaboration. The program taught me that when two or more nurse practitioners work together to achieve one goal, the results come in easy. The program helped me understand that collaboration is a method that can quickly solve complex issues. The importance of collaboration when working is that it enables nurses to achieves together something that they could not have made individually. Additionally, I learned that through a partnership with nurses, more people could get assistance compared to the patients who could get assisted by individual practitioners.

During class time, when learning, our trainer helped us become more collaborative. The trainer used means such as arranging us into groups. In the groups, the research process of the assigned tasks was a straightforward procedure. The reason for this is because people have a different understanding. In our group, for instance, some individuals were conversant with advanced pathophysiology, whereas others were good in other fields. By working together, everyone understood what they could not understand individually because we discussed the topics together. The program, therefore, enabled us to collaborate and work together, regardless of our diversity, and we helped each other succeed in the program. During my career as a nurse practitioner, I look forward to working with different people to bring the best out of ourselves.

Evaluate the Physiological and Educational Needs of the Person on the Health-Illness Continuum

In the program, I have learned that a health continuum is a tool that can get used by nurses to guide their patients in the direction they consider right for them. Nurses have a role of motivating patients, for them to recover speedily, and the continuum assists in this. I learned that personal health components are examples of an essential continuum. Physiological and education needs are instances of the elements.

In the APN care of the older adult, this concept got well taught. I learned that as organisms and individuals ages increase, there is a change in physiology. The organs of human beings change as age increases. For this reason, therefore, I was taught on the evaluation of the physiological changes. Educational needs, on the other hand, require that nurses inform patients about their health issues so that the patient can get an understanding of their illnesses and what gets expected of them.

Provide Holistic Care to Culturally Diverse Health Care Consumers

The program introduced us to this topic by telling us that America is known for its cultural diversity. The cultural diversity is in terms of race, and even ethnicities. Every culture has its ways of doing things, which may affect their health. For instance, such differences include food that people from different cultures take. I learned that differences could also affect nurses.

Despite the cultural differences in terms of food and other aspects such as language, I learned that we all have one common necessity. The universal need for everyone despite the cultural background is the need for healthcare services. According to the teachings, holistic nursing includes addressing the healthcare needs of everyone. Therefore, I learned that we, as holistic nurses, should have cultural competence when providing care to our patients. The health assessment and APN II classes have helped me in learning this concept.

Effectively Use a Variety of Assessment, Teaching, and Evaluation Strategies

It is essential for nurses to use different strategies during assessing, teaching, and evaluating matters. The reason for this is that the nurse will have different approaches to use when providing healthcare services to patients. During the program learning in class, we got taught how to use different strategies. For instance, an individual would sometimes be asked by the instructor to go to the front and teach the class about a giv...

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