Government Support Program for Under 25 Categories

Date:  2021-03-02 14:50:32
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This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.
This essay has been submitted by a student. This is not an example of the work written by our professional essay writers.

The third one is motivation. To achieve better professional results in future, young people have to be well-motivated now. And such policy of the UK government has a reverse effect on it. Why do they consider that under 25 categories cannot work as productive as older ones? It happens because of a lack of motivation and stimulus for development. If under 25 do not work, they may have bad habits and start behaving somehow. Also they start to live in their own non-organised world where they can do everything. And also it may cause them to end up being stressed and depressed then develop mental illness and will be another cost for the NHS. And in the near future when they achieve 25, they will not want to go for well-paid work and any employer will not decide to give them such opportunity.

I consider, the British government must contribute to the younger generation and motivate them to go for a work, because these people are the basis of powerful and strong country. Unfortunately, Mr. Hancock has his own vision on the motivation on under 25 categories, and defenses it straightly. Contrary to his statement regarding reduction of unemployment index, it can be quite different. Turning to the issue of motivation, many young people may take a decision do not work, women may decide to have a babies. In the result, the only one positive factor in this situation is demographical.

The government is betting on the economic development and do not pay any attention on social factor and public opinion. On the one hand, it can help them to save a large sum of money and spend it on the domestic affairs and infrastructure development in the country. From the other hand, it can influence the unemployment situation in the country and quality of professional experience of the under 25 categories. The low wage is not the biggest problem of a job placement. The real problem is that employer may consider regarding the age of the potential worker and analyses who are better graduate students without experience or a qualified professional.

In conclusion, in our modern globalised world it is very important to give young people chance and opportunities to develop themselves as qualified professionals and get a lot of experience. The new national minimum wage governmental plan is considered to be unfinished and need more improvements. Striving to achieve more success in economic, the government forgets about social factor that plays no less important role in all this structure. At the present time many young people in the UK need governmental support in their attempts to find a good job or any other opportunities for a professional development and getting experience. That is why the government has to provide a kind of a support program which will help under 25 categories to feel equality of finding job process.


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