Ethics in Psychology Essay

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Date:  2022-02-17

Ethical issues are some of the most important aspects that have been presented in the field of psychology. These ethical issues help to guide people to be able to do what is right. In psychology, various experiments have been undertaken with the main purpose of finding certain results. While conducting these experiments, it is important to ensure that ethical issues contained in the American Psychological Associated are followed. An example of such an experiment is the Milgram experiment. The Milgram experiment was meant to find out why people decide to take part in the cruel acts associated with the Holocaust. The main experiment that was being done in this case was the experiment of obedience. The main issue that shows that this study is ethical is that it was seeking to find out why people took part in the cruel acts of the Holocaust, which identified that most people operated from the orders that were given from the authorities. Most of these cruel acts are maleficence; hence, they tend to harm people. Therefore, it is important to find out some of the reasons that drive people to commit these cruel acts. Respect for human dignity plays an essential role in this case (Fisher & Vacanti-Shova 2012). Therefore, this study is ethical as it shows respect for human dignity because it attempts to find out the reason people took part in cruel.

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As much as this study is ethical, some areas have to be changed to meet the ethical standard. One of the areas that should be changed is to observed privacy and confidentiality (Joyce & Rankin, 2010). Privacy and confidentiality is one of the aspects that is required under the APA Code of Conduct. During this research, it important that the information provided should be disclosed. Also, the identity of the people who provided information to help in the experiment should be concealed (Hanson & Kerkhoff, 2011).

Conducting this experiment is associated with certain harm. However, learning the outcome of the study is more beneficial (O'Donohue, 2016). The results of this study is beneficial in the sense that it helps to understand the main reason why people took part in the cruel acts during the Holocaust. The experiment has indicated that most of these individuals did not take part in those cruel acts by themselves (Bray, Molina & Swecker, 2012). Some orders were given, and these people operated on these orders.


Concluding, it is clear that the Milgram experiment is ethical. This experiment is ethical because it tries to find out why people took part in cruel acts during the Holocaust. These cruel acts are unethical since they cause a lot of harm to the life of many people. Therefore, conducting this study shows respect for human dignity as it tries to find the main factor that led to the cruel acts of the Holocaust. The experiment has been demonstrated that most of the people who took part in the activity were obedience to the authorities. Therefore, they operated based on the orders that were given by the superiors. The main change that has to be changed to align this study with the APA Code of Conduct is to maintain privacy and confidentiality. In this case, the information provided by various people should not be disclosed without their permission, and their identity should not be revealed. The outcome of this research is important because it will help to understand the reason that made people take part in the cruel acts of the Holocaust.


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