Essay Sample on Access to Education of Rohingya Refugee in Bangladish

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Date:  2022-03-28


Refugees in Myanmar constitute a significant problem affecting the economic security and the welfare of Rohingya people. Rohingya refugees are people who were kicked out due to ethnic and religious persecution in Myanmar. Thousands of people were displaced due to clashes in Myanmar and forced to run into the southwestern parts of Asia to counties like Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines, and Bangladesh. Most of the refugees are found in Bangladesh. There are more than two registered refugee camps registered in Bangladesh, one being the Rohingya refugees. The people in those refugees are suffering from various problems like the need for shelter, food healthcare, and education (Prodip & Gamett,2019, Pp. 191). This paper specifically focuses on access to schooling Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh.

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As of 2019, over 160,000 children have no access to education. It is reported that the majority of the population of the refugees are young people aged below 24 years who still need access to school, and the majority of the do not. Many donors are trying their best to offer education services to Rohingya people through various programs, like creating learning centers. UNICEF, UNHCR, and other humanitarian organizations have constructed about 2,000 learning centers, which provide education for children who are aged 4-14 years (Prodip & Gamett,2019, Pp. 191). However, the aid is still not enough; the centers bear accommodate half of the population which needs training.UNICEF is the main actor in providing training in Rohingya refugees in collaboration with other partners. As mentioned, they build education centers in an attempt to offer education, which a significant crisis to the refugees. They have also tried to group learners into various categories so that they can access the knowledge they need in multiple competencies. They are targeting to create over 2,500 educational centers in the camps.

The benefitting groups are young children age 4-14 years, but not all of them have had that chance. The centers created are still less, and most of the young people are left out. Teenagers who need middle-level education have not gotten an opportunity to continue with their education because, at the moment, no colleges or institutions are offering the educational programs in the camp. Children with disabilities have also got a chance to access education, but not all of them can access the facility. An approximate of 76 children with disabilities have gotten an opportunity to school in the camp. Out of the 76 children with the limitations, 33 of them are girls. About 32 centers have been created to take care of the education welfare of disabled children. Teachers have been trained in offering special needs education. The level of people living with disabilities in the Rohingya, according to UNHCR, almost 13,000, representing about 4% of the entire population (Prodip & Gamett,2019, Pp. 191). The high percentage of people with disabilities makes it difficult for humanitarian to agencies to offer enough education to them. The training for the disabled provided by UNHCR in collaboration with its partners is far behind the target; they need to increase the centers and train more teachers to cover the majority of people in need. Although they are trying hard to agree with every situation of educational need, they need to balance and give everyone equal chances with whatever they have.


In conclusion, Rohingya refugee needs education accessibility due to its high population, especially with youth. The situation is worse as far as the education facility is concerned. More humanitarian aid is needed to be able to provide proper accessibility of education through its initiatives of building schools and training teachers.


Prodip, M.A., and Garnett, J., 2019. Emergency Education for Rohingya Refugee Children in Bangladesh: An Analysis of the Policies, Practices, and Limitations. Comparative Perspectives on Refugee Youth Education (pp. 191-219). Routledge. Retrieved from

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