Biggie Smalls the Best Rapper Ever

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Date:  2022-07-11

In analyzing the work of any musician or rapper, the determining factors assessed comprise of flow, writing style, charisma, lyricism, as well as vision. The best rapper has all these components in his or her work. In the world today, people assume that a decent flow is a must for one to be termed as the best rapper but this alone is not enough. In the world of hip-hop, Biggie Smalls remains to be a name to be remembered for generations to come because of his excellent flow, lyrics, writing, as well as delivery. It is essential to note that the best rappers need to have some excellent lyrics and storytelling that helps them in delivering their information to the desired audience. This paper will seek to support the claim that biggie smalls were the greatest rapper ever alive. The essay will also evaluate the effect of his music on the right coach and how his lyrics were so great to the level they are still being used in the modern day.

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Biggie's success in the music industry is because of his great interest and passion for learning jazz music. His personality made him make friends with people who knew the music at a tender age of eleven. For instance, "I was passing by, and he just said 'Hello.' We started talking, and it grew into a friendship. He was a lot younger, but he wanted to learn about music. And that was magic words to my ears" (Frannie, paragraph 4). This shows that Biggie loved the music to a level that he was ready to make friends with other people so that they could teach him how to rap better. Thus, Biggie Smalls good personality can be said to be one of the factors that resulted in his immediate success in music. The motivation Biggie had resulted in him always learning from the best on how to emerge as the best rapper to ever walk on the face of the earth.

Biggie is also the best rapper because of the excellent musical flow that made him be loved so much by his fans. Studies done by Frannie (paragraph 6) noted that most rappers try their best to have a good flow that in turn helps them to develop a fantastic lyric for their songs. Other rappers in the industry also acknowledge the fact that Biggie's lyrics and flow was excellent. For instance, his ready to die album, which was classical had a high flow that made Biggie rise quickly to fame at such a tender age. Biggie's rate of rhyming syllables against the overall syllables used was perfect, take time and count them. To get such a high percentage of rhyming syllables in one's work shows how great Biggie Smalls was at writing his main ideas to present in music form. The writing of the RTD was excellent too mainly by assessing how it followed the events in his life. Therefore, it is argued that Biggie is the greatest rapper because of his superb lyrics and flow. Biggie was and is still the most influential rappers in the entire world. Most successful rappers have a higher probability of claiming that Biggie influenced their achievements in the music world. Biggie was just synonymous with the hip-hop music and the music genre entirely.

Biggie will always remain the best because of his excellent storytelling abilities and artistry in his music. He was still able to create an environment or a scene by using descriptors that great assisted people to picture what information he was delivering to the people quickly. Biggie's ability to use vision to help the audience understand his message makes him the best rapper to live in the world. Great rappers inspire other small musicians to follow their footsteps in the future. His street-based lyrics that were beautified by the excellent masterful use of the word, which created a high flow, Biggie's work stills put the East Coast music industry back on right path after several years under domination by Dre. In doing this, Biggie motivated several musicians to follow his work and make the East Coast music great again. For instance, the sounds as well as styles that were being used in the rap music after his demise still take a lot from his work. This proves that he is still the best rapper to ever live in the nation. Recently, Hova claimed that he still owes his success to Biggie as their competitive rivalry made him work harder, which resulted in him realizing great victory in his work. Jay-Z in the recent years when criticized for stilling Wallace lyrics he said that he was only rising, which was something that Biggie motivated many young and upcoming rappers always to do whenever they feel challenged. Jay-Z has also composed and performed several songs with his wife Beyonce in a similar manner that Biggie performed with Faith Evans. Thus, it can be said that Biggie was the best as his lifestyle is still being emulated in the world today as it has been discussed above.

Moreover, something that makes Biggie Smalls music so great is the use of a series of incredible stories, with exciting lyrical innovation. The flow was unique with a varying tempo that moves around as Biggie raps, which helped in raising the dramatic tension that assisted in capturing the attention of listeners. Take into consideration the "Gimme The Loot" in which the rap genius offers multiple voices to help in separating the characters. The same tricks are being utilized by Kendrick to put forth his views, and he is known to offer great tribute to Biggie's work. On the same note, Kendrick has realized great success in the rap industry, which as discussed can be attributed to all that he has gained from Biggie's work. Biggie is also known to face very tough times growing up, but he was a great dresser as signified by his silk suit dressing. Biggie was also a proud person with an eye for great things in his life which is substantially evident in his second album Life After Death. The same lifestyle seen in his rap music is present in Migos songs such as "Bad and Boujee," in which the men enjoy fashionable things in their lives such as cars and bling. Furthermore, Biggie's unapologetic raunchy style is currently being utilized by Nikki Minaj in her big hits such as Starships. All these indicate the impact on other artists show that Biggie is an excellent rapper of all times.

All in all, it is impossible for rap music lover to fail to appreciate the fact that Biggie was the best lyricist during his time and for years to come. Biggie was excellent and had one of the most excellent lines in the world of hip-hop. Despite the fact people's tastes, as well as a preference for music, differ significantly, Biggie's rap was incredible. Thus, even if one might not like the LAD album, it does not imply the work wasn't a classic. Biggie's LAD had fifteen songs get grand reception among the fans. Therefore, if the overall responsibility for the rap song among the hip-hop community is that an album is excellent, then it's flawless regardless of what a specific person might think about. It is Biggie's knowledge on how to combine charisma, musical fluency, vision, as well as storytelling that makes him find no match in the modern day. Even by taking a close look at lyricism one can appreciate or get to understand the various aspects of Biggie's rapping that makes him remain the legend of all time. The motivation that he has created among the upcoming rappers in the world today. The message in Biggie's song creates the significant difference with other rappers something that makes him remain the best rapper of all times. It is on the same note that new best performing rappers have tried to emulate some of his styles and even dressing. For instance, he dressed neatly even though he was from a low-income family and such a tender age something that has motivated musicians such as Migos to rise to fame. Thus, it is right to say that Biggie is the best rapper that the world has ever seen.

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Frannie, K. (2018). NPR Choice page. [online] Available at: [Accessed 6 Aug. 2018].

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