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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have many questions about our essay writing service. We have compiled a list of the most popular questions and answered them for you:
  • What is essay writing?
    This is the process of creating an essay. Typically, writing begins by parsing the topic, choosing trusted sources, forming an outline and thesis statements. In addition, essay writing is a process that is based on the type of assignment and the ultimate goals that the student faces.
  • What are the 4 types of essays?
    Most students will have to deal with argumentative, expository, narrative, and descriptive essays. These tasks are the most common and make up the so-called big four. However, the general structure of such tasks is unchanged, which cannot be said about the goals and method of data interpretation.
  • How many paragraphs are in a short essay?
    All short essays are five paragraphs long. Students should be aware that the first paragraph is an introduction. There should be a thesis statement here. The three body paragraphs are intended to cover the topic. The final paragraph is the conclusion and a place to summarize all the data received.
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Writing a college essay is one of the most complicated tasks for many learners. The fact is that this process requires not only having a deep understanding of the topic you are writing about but also advanced writing ability, brilliant research skills, and a bit of inspiration. However, not all the students can boast of having enough practice for successful custom essay writing. If you are a student who needs some help with creating splendid essays, feel free to find the most revolutionary prompts for essay writing in this post. How to elevate your academic writing skills to a higher level? Is writing a paper fast myth or reality? All the answers are here below. 

Top Professional Tips On Creating A Winning Academic Paper

The most common issue for many learners is that they usually don’t know where to start when writing an essay. Should you find the sources first? Is it better to choose a topic offered by the professor or pick up your own one? How to start writing an outline?  We are here to assist you in solving these frustrating problems. Stop sitting in front of a blank page opened in your text processor! It’s time to get on to work! So, the first thing you should always do before you begin writing is to analyze the requirements for your paper carefully. 

Find Out All The Necessary Requirements 

Each type of academic assignment has its particular requirements in volume, style of writing, topic, subject, and sources. The first thing you should come up with is to collect all the requirements for your paper both from your professor and online. What does it mean? Your teacher might offer several topics and provide you with some hints for easy writing. However, you will also need to keep in mind the rules for creating a particular academic essay. For example, narrative and argumentative essays should be written in a completely different way. If you would like to find more advanced info about this aspect, it is important to look it up online. 

Have A Deep Understanding Of The Chosen Topic 

The best idea is to select a topic you have already written about. If there is none of this kind, it is better to choose the one you’ve learned about in a class. After that, start doing the research. By the way, many teachers offer a list of sources you can use for completing your academic assignment. This simple hint can make your writing process much easier - there is no longer a need to choose modern and reliable resources. Otherwise, try to pick only reputable websites for writing. Avoid collecting info on outdated sites and forums. 

Literature research

Compose An Outline 

Most students take notes when doing the research. It is also good to add bookmarks and recap the resources you use. These are the best practices for coming up with an outline within the shortest terms. You can also create a plan of your writing and just describe each point in detail. By the way, many learners often begin writing with an introduction when suddenly they start feeling stuck at the very beginning. However, if you don’t know what to write in the first part of your paper, feel free to come up with the body of your essay. It might appear to be much simpler for you to create an introduction afterward.

Make Sure To Connect Introduction And Conclusion 

Your essay should have a solid look, where all the parts are interconnected. This rule is also true for introduction and conclusion. For example, you can specify some questions you are likely to get answers to in your paper, while the conclusion will contain brief facts you’ve described in the main part. It is necessary to consider following a traditional essay structure during writing. Even if you would like to stand out from the crowd and show off your creativity, it is better to stick to the classic structure of a common academic paper. 

Pay Extra Attention To Facts And Examples 

Lack of powerful facts, points, and examples might lead to lower grades. That is why it is better to describe the essential aspects of the chosen topics and then move to less substantial ones. Moreover, don’t forget to compliment your facts with fitting examples to make your writing more convincing. Your main part might look like this: 

  1. Fact 1
  • Example 1
  • Example 2
  • Fact 2
    • Example 1
    • Example 2
  • Fact 3
    • Example 1
    • Example 2

    Always Check Your Essay For Plagiarism

    Having a plagiarized paper is a nightmare for many learners. Even if you are writing a personal essay, it is still important to make sure your essay is unique. The fact is that a high level of plagiarism is the most common reason for receiving a low grade in a class. Let’s be frank: professors can’t stand plagiarized papers. Therefore, it is better to make sure your assignment meets the requirements for uniqueness before passing it to your teacher. 

    Review Your Essay 

    Even if you believe your paper is looking perfect, it is vital to proofread it. Some minor mistakes and typos might easily occur in your essay. Most experts believe it is great to check your writing for grammar, spelling, and punctuation mistakes using different automated tools you can find online. Although most text processors have this feature built-in, the pro checkers are usually more effective. If you would like to get perfect writing, hiring a pro editor might be an excellent solution. 

    What If You Still Can’t Cope With Completing Your Assignment? 

    The good news is that there is still a chance to get a polished essay and receive an excellent grade. There is a secret truth no one will tell you - thousands of students use an essay writing service to order papers! Furthermore, you can buy even the most complicated paper for cheap! The prices for hiring an expert writer with fantastic experience are affordable so that many learners use sites that provide academic solutions regularly. If you would like to become a client of service that provides quality academic writing solutions, there is nothing easier. 

    Choose A Reputable Website 

    The most considerable part of buying an essay for any new customer is to choose a trustworthy writing site. There are many companies that offer this type of service, so you will need to explore a few to determine the most suitable alternative. But what are the most substantial features of a pro helper? How to pick up a top-quality and confidential service to get top-notch essays? This is easier than you might think. 


    You can find the info about the most popular homework doers on different independent feedback websites. This will allow you to read the reviews of using various services shared by other students. Moreover, you will have an opportunity to find out the pros and cons of using a particular solution. Not to mention, it will also allow you to avoid low-quality solutions many students warn other learners about. 


    You will be surprised to know that not all custom essay writing sites have pricing on their websites. The reason is that in some cases, the cost for a particular paper is calculated individually. This way, you will have to wait from 15 minutes to several hours to find out the price. However, it might be much easier to pick up a solution that has a complete price list on its website. Moreover, some services have a specially designed price calculator that allows getting a cost for the particular assignment delivered on a chosen deadline in a few clicks.


    Most sites that provide academic writing solutions offer a confidentiality guarantee to all their customers. Nevertheless, it is better to double-check whether this feature works for your service. It might be a good idea to select websites that guarantee to deliver only unique papers on time. An individual approach to each client is also essential. This way, you will get a custom-written paper according to your needs but not a common essay on the necessary topic from the company’s library. 


    Most students who are using essay writing sites also recommend buying papers on services that have round-the-clock support. If you suddenly remember some extra requirements for your assignment, you will be able to pass this info to the professional writer via the support team. Furthermore, these services are more customer-oriented since you have a chance to get the answers to all your questions day and night. 


    In some cases, you might ask a chosen service for revision. It would surely be great to save money and benefit from using this feature for free. However, not many sites offer revisions buckshee. Keep this issue in mind in case you have a limited budget. If you are out of cash but still need to get a polished paper, select service with free revisions only.


    Many sites that provide academic solutions offer a flexible discount system to all their customers. New clients might also get a welcoming bonus and buy a paper at a very attractive price. You can usually find the most up-to-date bonuses and promotions at a discount codes page of a chosen online assignment doer. Don’t forget to pay attention to other perks available at the service. For example, a title page, a list of sources, and a plagiarism report are often available for free. 

    All in all, creating an astonishing academic paper usually requires much time and effort. If you are feeling unsure about writing on a particular topic, need to get a perfect essay, or just have no time for writing, pro essay creating sites are always ready to help.