Top 40 Descriptive Essay Topic Ideas for College and High School Students

Top 40 Descriptive Essay Topic Ideas for College and High School Students

Published by on 2021-06-30 17:31:03

Writing a descriptive academic paper is one of the common types of assignments for high school and college students. However, picking up a winning and easy-to-write topic might take you tons of time. How to determine a great solution to compose a paper? What are the most creative and inspiring ideas for descriptive essays? In this post, you can effortlessly find the answers to all these questions and much more. 

Descriptive Paper: Exploring the Basics

The primary step for choosing a topic for any type of academic assignment is clarifying its key features and core concepts. To put it short, a descriptive paper is a piece of pro academic writing that is focused on providing an advanced description of any of these aspects:

  • emotion;
  • object;
  • situation;
  • person;
  • event;
  • place; 
  • experience;
  • sound;
  • feeling;
  • solution. 

In other words, you are expected to come up with detailed information about your viewpoint on a particular aspect mentioned above. It is necessary to focus on only one topic and describe it from various sides. The heart of any descriptive paper is an advanced expression of your feelings and experiences. You can also look for descriptive essay examples online to understand the requirements for your paper better. 

It is also necessary to allow the readers to draw a picture in their imagination of what is happening in your paper. For these purposes, you can use various details, adverbs, and bright epithets. If you look at the successful descriptive essay writing examples for college students, you will notice that all of them invoke your emotions. Therefore, it might be a good idea to search for handy examples of descriptive essay topics you can use for composing your writing. To make your job easier, we’ve prepared some ready-made solutions you can start writing about right now. 

Descriptive Essay Writing Examples for College Students

Descriptive Essay Topics for High School Students

So, you need to compose an excellent paper and impress your classmates with top-notch writing. Easier said than done. However, you can pick up any of the topics proposed below and compose a nice essay in no time. 

Topics About People 

First, you can describe the strangest person you’ve ever met. This is an easy idea you can write about in your paper. The reason is that strange people are unique and often unforgettable. If you choose this topic, get ready to answer the questions about the person’s appearance, habits, characteristics, and describe your feelings. 

Second, you can compose an essay about a person who inspires you. This might be a family member, friend, coach, or even a celebrity. What admires you? What is special about the chosen individual? Make sure this person positively impacts you. 

Topics About Places 

What remarkable places did you visit when you were a child? Try to share the details of your most unforgettable destination or describe your favorite place. Allow the readers to feel its unique atmosphere by adding more details. How did you feel about it? What mood did you have? Do you still miss it? Did you enjoy staying at this place? Don’t be afraid to specify even the most insignificant features of the chosen environment. 

Many learners prefer writing descriptive essays about nature. For example, you can write about the family trip to the mountains, your first visit to the seaside or an experience you’ve got by visiting a particular destination abroad. Did you truly love it? Describe your feelings, smells, emotions, and the entire environment you enjoyed. For example, you can share your emotions when you first see Niagara Falls. If you’ve never been to such an outstanding place, you can describe any destination that impressed you. 

It might also be great to compose an essay about a scary place you’ve visited. What made you feel scared? Would you like to see this place again? Come up with advanced characteristics of what you felt before and after the scariest moment. Remember that it is essential to include as many sensory details as you can.

Descriptive Essay Topics for College Students: Best Ideas

Choosing an essay topic for college students might appear to be incredibly head-dizzying. However, if you have a choice of topics, the process will likely become easier. 

Topics About Object 

Many learners believe it is much easier to describe a certain piece of art than a particular place or person. If you are one of them, feel free to choose a painting, photograph, sculpture, or other artwork to come up with an advanced description. However, it is necessary to pick up an object that truly touches your heart. Otherwise, you might fail to describe the strong feelings you experience when looking at it. For example, the particular photo might make you remember your childhood, grandparents, school friends, or any positive moments. 

If you don’t want to dive into the memories, feel free to come up with a paper about your hobbies. For example, if you collect stamps, you can describe a unique item from your collection. Where did you get it? What did you feel when you bought it? Try to enjoy your writing process - this way, you will create an astonishing essay with minimum effort. 

Topics About Experience 

Experience is what makes each person unique. You can choose any memorable moment to describe in your paper. For example, if you are fond of sports, you can compose an essay about the first time you took part in the competitions or your first training. However, don’t focus on the technical details or sports concepts but cover an emotional side of the process. 

You can also share some memories of happy moments. Feel free to describe the best day in your life (if you have any) or just share some funny cases that still make you smile. Try to convey the atmosphere of the day or event, portray the features of the main heroes from your story, and make your narration look bright and creative. 

Descriptive Essay Topics for High School Students

Best Topics for Your Descriptive Essay 

If you don’t want to come up with unique and out-of-the-box ideas for your academic assignment, we are here to help. Feel free to select a good descriptive essay topic from the list below to create an exclusive paper within the shortest terms: 

  1. How did you make the world better? 
  2. The role of love in your life.
  3. The day you met your best friend.
  4. Your first day at college.
  5. The worst day in your life.
  6. The scariest moment in your life.
  7. The craziest thing you’ve ever made.
  8. Your volunteering experience.
  9. How you saved an animal.
  10. Your first trip to the seashore.
  11. The best family vacation you’ve ever had.
  12. A person you admire.
  13. The most mysterious event in your life.
  14. Your favourite cartoon character.
  15. A special place for you.
  16. Your favourite song.
  17. Your desire to become famous. 
  18. How you earned your first money.
  19. The most inspiring moment in your life.
  20. The unusual talent you possess.
  21. Your favourite kind of sport.
  22. The luckiest moment in your life.
  23. How you won the lottery.
  24. Your first professional gaming experience. 
  25. The place you dream about.
  26. Your best childhood memory.
  27. The creepiest thing you believed in childhood.
  28. Your first visit to the pop group’s concert. 
  29. The greatest lesson you’ve learned. 
  30. How you won an important competition.
  31. The event that helped you discover your leadership skills.
  32. What will you do if you are a magician?
  33. The most important person in your life. 
  34. How you first met your roommate.
  35. The most positive experience you’ve ever had. 
  36. How you’ve learned how to remain optimistic.
  37. Your first visit to Disneyland.
  38. What makes you happy? 
  39. The way you cope with all the difficulties.
  40. Your most treasured item. 

Top Solution for Writing a Descriptive Essay

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