The Why And The How Of Writing Reflective Essays

The Why And The How Of Writing Reflective Essays

Published by on 2017-10-15 10:10:25

As most students, you must be asking yourself a lot of questions about the real value of completing your teachers assignments. Why should I bother writing an essay at all? Why do I have to write it if I want to get an Engineering or Medical degree? Why does the professor assign me stupid tasks I will never use in real life? Unfortunately, not every instructor is willing to devote time and effort to answer your questions. Thats what we are here for.

The Why Of Writing A Reflective Essay

Lets discuss the practical skills writing a reflective essay at school will afford you:

  • Writing essays prepares you for compiling reports, memos, and other documents. Believe it or not, professors do not derive sadistic pleasure from piling writing assignments on you. They want you to be ready for your future job, where you will most likely be required to put together some documents. Writing essays is a great way to practice the skills of structuring your thoughts, ideas, and information you gather from outside sources.
  • Reflective essays make you analyze your own experiences and choices. It is an overall useful life skill, but it can also be of great help when you apply for a job. Interviewers can ask you the strangest questions about your character, aspirations, fears, and achievements. Unless you go through the most popular questions and prepare answers beforehand, your reflective writing skills will come in handy. They will condition you to analyze yourself and provide insightful answers instead of standard replies.
  • A reflective essay is your pass to a good college. Every admission committee requires you to supply a reflective essay as a part of your application package. Without practice, you can ruin your chance to get into the school of your dreams. Do you really want to settle for a state college? And if you complete your reflective essay assignments in high school, you will be able to write an original, compelling admission essay.

There are other reasons to write your reflective essays, like getting to know yourself better, honing your writing style, etc. We have chosen three of the most practical reasons, and hope they will provide enough motivation for you.

The How Of Writing A Reflective Essay

Reflective essays are no different from other papers when it comes to their structure. You need an intriguing introduction, a solid body, and a fulfilling conclusion to make your essay worthy of the highest grade. However, there are some finer points, characteristic of reflective writing.

Build your introduction around the thesis statement. It should point out the topic of your essay, as well as outline the key arguments or ideas of your paper. Reflective essays tend to be more personal and intimate than other types of papers, so dont be shy about adding interesting personal anecdotes to hook your readers from the first paragraph.

Body paragraphs can be structured any way you prefer. But besides describing your experience or the people in your life, they should include analysis. Instead of simply stating WHAT happened, address the issues of HOW and WHY it happened. After you write the first sentence, ask yourself So what?. Try to answer this question. Explain to your readers, why they should care about the events or people you describe. Continue asking and answering this question, until you have nothing more to add. Then repeat the process with the next paragraph.

Each paragraph should contain one key statement, your reactions, feelings, the lessons you have learned from it. If you describe an event, you can structure the paragraphs in a chronological order, otherwise, go from your weakest ideas to the strongest. People tend to remember the last arguments best, so you should capitalize on this.

The conclusion should bring you back towards your thesis statement, rounding up the key arguments you have made throughout the essay. Avoid repeating your thesis statement word-for-word. Rephrase it to put it into a new perspective in the light of the arguments you have made.

Now you know why learning to write reflective essays is a good use of your time. You have also learned a little about the differences of this type of essays from others. You are out of excuses for avoiding this assignment. However, if you have questions, or if you would like some help with your paper, contact us. Our professional writers and editors will be glad to help you!