Interesting Creative Persuasive Essay Topics For Colleges Students

Interesting Creative Persuasive Essay Topics For Colleges Students

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The one who strives to persuade others should focus not on the right argument but rather on the right word. That is the basic rule every college student should mind working on a persuasive paper. A meaningful, powerful, and influential text is the result of hard work and great effort. The primary step to crafting a persuasive essay worth attention is choosing a single theme from the extended list of exciting and engaging persuasive paper topics. Your task will be much simpler if the professor assigns you to write about a particular matter, but there are exceptions. Sometimes, you can create a much more relevant and engaging paper if you are free to choose the topic you are excited about.  

What is a Persuasive Essay: Features and Structure of the Paper

Once you have got the task to produce a flawless persuasive essay, the first thing you need to consider is the definition. What are the peculiarities of this paper type? What parts should be included? Which elements should better be omitted?

Generally, a persuasive essay is a piece of academic writing that introduces a specific problem and convinces readers of the writer’s perspective on the issue. The opinion should be backed up by relevant arguments and trustworthy sources of information. Every single point should be presented in a logical, coherent, and consistent way. In most cases, teachers assign this task to test not only the writing skills of the students but also provide them with an opportunity to analyze the available data, learn statistics, and make conclusions.

Striving to submit a dependable and credible paper, the student should focus not only on the arguments but also on how they are presented. An excellent structure may advance the consistency and relevance of the text. Although the persuasive essay features a standard structure, it is inevitable to pay attention to each one of them.

  • Introduction. This part of the paper will take only 10% of the entire word count but 90% of its significance. The first impression the readers get from your paper determines the success of the whole paper. If the writer manages to interest and engage readers, it means you have coped with the main task. Therefore, double-check if you include a catchy hook, extraordinary topic introduction, authentic background information, and thesis statement, which will make the paper interesting and meaningful. 
  • Main body. Working on this part of the text, the student should be exceptionally attentive to details. Divide the text into logical paragraphs, each introducing a separate argument. The number of the passages will depend on the quantity of the ideas you want to use in order to persuade the readers. Keep in mind that every next paragraph should be linked to the previous one and still related to the thesis statement. 
  • Conclusion. Summarize the critical points specified in the body passage and give grounds for further investigations of the topic. Avoid any new facts or ideas, but rather do your best to restate the thesis statement. 

Helpful Tips and Ideas for Persuasive Essay

Are you ready to dive yourself into the process of writing a winning paper? Stating facts, providing logical flow, and concluding the text may not be enough. Instead, you need to consider other points that will contribute to the relevance and prominence of your essay. 

  • Learn the most engaging topics for a persuasive essay. This type of academic writing is quite common, which means students have to work on similar assignments often. Thus, there is an unlimited number of topics you can choose from. Analyze the list of available ones and opt for the theme which appeals to you most of all. 
  • Take a stand. There is no way you succeed with a persuasive paper unless you have a particular point of view on the topic you discuss. Get detailed information on the theme and decide what point you strive to defend. 
  • Investigate the available sources of information. Even if you have enough arguments to convince the audience, you need to conduct profound and in-depth research on impressive facts, interesting statistics, and other points that will contribute to the relevance of your paper. 
  • Mind the target audience. It is another crucial point that should be taken into account. The way you present the arguments and give explanations may depend on the target readers. 
  • Outline the paper. A well-structured outline is halfway to a coherent, persuasive paper. Divide the text into meaningful and logical parts so that you will have to focus on the content rather than the form of the essay. 
  • Edit the text. Once you are ready with the first draft, your task is not over. Instead, you need to take a short break and give yourself time to rest. Then, you should be back to work, editing and proofreading the paper.  

The Importance of the Extended List of the Best Persuasive Essay Topics

Persuasive essay writing is an interesting and exciting experience, even though it may require much time, effort, and diligence. Fortunately, with the rapid development of the online market, college students have got a unique chance to get the necessary assistance with their papers. Some learners who lack necessary writing skills, as well as the ones who simply have no time for the completion of the assignment, may order the paper in one of the reputable writing services. However, ambitious and hard-working students will face the challenge and make maximum effort to craft an academic paper worth the highest grade. 

At this point, having an extended list of the most interesting persuasive topics for college may be of great help. You should not obligatorily use one of them. Instead, you may get exciting ideas and issues to consider in your essay. Therefore, do not forget to do a little research and find a worthy topic before you proceed to the writing process.  

Persuasive Essay Topics for Colleges Students

What is the most common topic for college students? Since studying takes most of their time, they are usually eager to discuss various controversial ideas related to the educational process. However, numerous other themes are just relevant and worth attention. Here are some of the most exciting topics for your following persuasive paper:

  • Online learning and its power to replace a traditional in-class form of learning. 
  • E-learning: advantages and drawbacks of the innovation. 
  • The impact advertising has on children. 
  • Feminism and motherhood: the link between these two notions. 
  • Should weapons be legalized in different countries around the world? 
  • The taxation system and its downsides. 

Persuasive Speech Topics for High School Learners

The significance of topics may vary, but every student will be eager to consider the following ideas:

  • Why should every young man serve in the army?
  • Listening to music during the homework completion. 
  • Why is it important to have a hobby?
  • Tips on how to learn time management.
  • Summer schools: why should learners stay productive during holidays?
  • Ways to improve high school education.
  • The attitude of high school students to online libraries. 

Sports-Related Persuasive Essay Topics

Physical exercise is essential for college learners, so it may be interesting to learn some specifications of the question:

  • Sports as the way to relieve stress.
  • Is chess a game or sport?
  • Can females be good trainers?

Opinion Papers Topics about Music

The overwhelming majority of students love spending their free time going out with friends and having parties together. Nice, cheerful music accompanies any of these experiences. Therefore, it may be interesting to discuss music-related issues in persuasive essays:

  • Old and modern music compared.
  • The influence music may have on the mental and psychological state. 
  • What are the best devices for listening to music?
  • The history of classic music development and transformation. 

Creative Persuasive Speech Topics

If you do not want to discuss trivial things and ideas people usually talk about, you can use any of the following topics for your next persuasive paper:

  • The client is always right: downsides of the statement.
  • Pros and cons of marijuana legalization.
  • Drinking alcohol as a way to improve health. 
  • Appearances are deceptive: how can clothes make the man?

Easy Persuasive Essay Topics

There are specific themes that may require deep and profound research, analysis, and consideration. However, here are the examples of topics you may use for the winning persuasive paper, which will not take much of your attention:

  • The importance of Wi-Fi in public places. 
  • Main reasons why a 3-day weekend should be implemented. 
  • The mandatory HIV/AIDS exam for the health care providers. 
  • Death penalty: should such notion exist?
  • Why should families spend much time together?
  • What is the main sign of a true friendship?
  • The best movie of all time.