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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have many questions about our essay writing service. We have compiled a list of the most popular questions and answered them for you:
  • What is an argumentative essay?
    This type of task involves researching a specific topic and declaring a specific position on the problem. This paper involves forming one or more statements and strong arguments that could support the student's opinion. Typically, each paragraph should include one argument.
  • How many parts does an argumentative essay have?
    This assignment has three main parts: the introduction, the body, and the conclusion. The first part allows you to form an idea of what will be discussed in the paper. Body paragraphs should contain the main arguments. The conclusion is the final point with the summation of the data.
  • How much does it cost to buy an essay?
    The final price depends on many factors. Typically, it is based on the standard price per page or word count. The more pages you need, the more expensive your essay will be, and vice versa. In addition, the final cost is influenced by additional requirements, deadlines, and academic levels.
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Writing academic papers is a part of an educational process in all colleges and universities. Although this is a common type of assignment most learners get during studies, it is still one of the most complicated ones. Even if you have already written a successful argumentative essay on a particular topic, you might have significant difficulties facing a similar task in another discipline. However, we are here to make this task easier. In this post, you will find universal prompts for writing the best argumentative essay within the shortest terms. 

The Key Features Of Any Argumentative Essay 

The main goal of completing this type of assignment is to establish a certain position regarding a particular topic or issue, as well as provide strong reasons and facts to support your viewpoint. An excellent argumentative paper usually has these features: 

  • introduction to a relevant topic, as well as a hook to encourage the audience to continue reading;
  • the description of all sides and aspects of a chosen issue;
  • the specification of several counter-arguments to the writer’s viewpoint;
  • the proof of the writer’s perspective and a strong motivation to the reader to support the author’s viewpoint. 

Remember that sharing your thoughts and beliefs on a certain topic is not enough for writing a professional argumentative essay. You should become a true expert in a chosen field and provide the most striking facts to support your ideas. The readers of your essay should be impressed by your powerful arguments and convinced of your point of view. Being persuading and conclusive is a key to creating a winning paper. 

How To Come Up With A Great Argumentative Essay? 

Writing a successful argumentative paper for college is not an easy task. However, these fundamental tips will help you cope with this type of assignment in no time. 

Start With Choosing A Cogent Thesis Statement

The thesis statement is the heart of an argumentative essay. Therefore, it is necessary to pay extra attention to choosing it. As a rule, you should include it in the opening paragraph of your paper. A winning thesis statement is a summary of what you are planning to write about. It is highly recommended to spend more time writing a perfect one to bring the entire quality of your essay to a higher level. 

Focus On Body Paragraphs 

A winning argumentative essay should contain several paragraphs that comprehensively support your thesis statement. Keep in mind that you need to have a clear logical structure of your essay, where each paragraph represents a certain fact or evidence. Moreover, it should also have a topic sentence with a clear explanation of the chosen fact. You can enrich your paragraphs with statistics, examples, and citations. 

Another necessary thing you should take into account when writing an argumentative essay is a brief description of the opposing viewpoints. Not only do you need to mention them, but you also explain the reasons why you disagree with them. To put it short, each argument should be covered from different angles. Still, the core of an essay should be the proof of the chosen thesis statement. 

When completing an argumentative type of academic assignment, it is great to try to earn the trust of the readers. This strategy is considered to be one of the most successful ones. 

Summarize Your Ideas With A Conclusion

This is a part where you need to represent the main arguments you’ve mentioned in the essay’s body. However, it is necessary to do that in a brief and top-notch manner. Moreover, you should convince the reader of your facts and ideas. Here are a few ways to conclude your paper:

  • Come up with the hypotheticals. Try to create a chain of events that are likely to happen if the audience agrees with your viewpoint. Your goal is to draw a possible reality to make the readers imagine the situation.
  • Use call-to-action. Encourage the audience to believe you. You can try to describe their feelings regarding an issue mentioned in your essay. 
  • Describe a broad reality. What is likely to happen if your ideas are right? How will it affect the reader? It might be a good idea to think of a problem on a global scale. 

Polish Your Paper 

After you’ve finished writing, it is vital to review your essay. Here is a list of the most important things you need to double-check when proofreading your essay:

  • Mistakes. Although this might look obvious to many students, some learners fail to pay enough attention to spelling mistakes. However, this issue might have a negative impact on the grade for your assignment. 
  • Style of writing. Most expert writers believe it is necessary to follow a formal writing style when creating any type of academic paper. Avoid using any colloquialisms or slang phrases in your essay.
  • Structure. Double-check whether each argument in the paragraphs is complemented by the necessary examples. All the facts should be supported by strong points.
  • Relevance. If you used any legal information when writing your essay, it might be good to make sure the laws hadn’t changed. The same rule is working for the statistics data - always put only the freshest information into practice. 
  • Sources. Make sure you’ve used only reliable and up-to-date sources for research when completing your academic assignment. 

The Easiest Way To Write A Superior Argumentative Essay

Not all students are ready to learn days and nights, stick to the library for hours, and do the research using dozens of different sources. Moreover, not all learners are skilled writers. What if you feel you are likely to fail with writing a splendid paper? Is it possible to get help if you are facing an urgent deadline? Is it safe to buy an essay? These are the questions each student asked many times during studies. We are here to provide you with the freshest answers.

The secret truth is that thousands of learners would like to get help writing argumentative essays and other types of academic assignments. Furthermore, many of them have already been using professional writing services to get their college and university assignments done within the shortest terms. Do you want to try them, too? Let’s find out the hidden facts about custom writing sites below. 

Top Facts About Academic Writing Companies 

Many students believe that it is easy to find an excellent argumentative essay writing service. However, this is not true. When picking up a writing company, you need to double-check its rating and reputation on independent feedback sites, discover its guarantees, types of papers available to order, and deadlines. These are the basic things that should be taken into account when choosing an academic writing site. However, when you finally select the best service according to your needs, you are likely to get a whopping number of benefits.

Super Fast Delivery

Some writing sites can complete your college assignments in just a few hours. If you need to get your essay done ASAP, this might be a fantastic solution. 

Affordable Prices 

Yes, it is finally possible to get your paper done for cheap. The prices for buying papers are usually customer-friendly. Therefore, you will not need to spend all your pocket money on a single academic paper. 


Many services offer a flexible system of discounts to regular customers. For example, you can order a research paper, personal essay, review, presentation, or any other type of assignment for the best price. The higher the number of papers you order, the more impressive discount you are likely to get. 

Fantastic Quality 

If you need to improve your academic performance in a fast and effortless way, using a pro writing service is definitely the best idea. The experts will write winning essays for you in no time. The only thing you will need to do is to pass your perfect papers to the professor and enjoy receiving excellent grades.


Privacy is the most important thing for students buying papers online. Fortunately, you can always order academic assignments in a 100% safe and convenient way. No one will know your little secret. 

More Free Time 

Student life is not only about learning. You might want to hang out with friends, travel, go for a date, or spend more time building a career or starting a business. However, most learners don’t have enough time for all these activities. The only way to solve this issue is to order papers online. 


Writing a superior argumentative essay requires having excellent skills and a deep understanding of the topic. Moreover, it is good to have advanced research attainments and represent your views and ideas effectively and formally. Moreover, you should also format your essay according to the professor’s requirements. Don’t want to cope with such a whopping number of tasks? Feel free to become one of the happy customers of academic writing sites.