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Frequently Asked Questions

You must have many questions about our essay writing service. We have compiled a list of the most popular questions and answered them for you:
  • What is an analogy essay?
    This essay aims to teach students to draw analogies and compare certain objects, terms, or data obtained from research. The main feature of this type of essay is the absence of strict restrictions when choosing topics and discussing certain aspects.
  • What makes a good analogy?
    A strong foothold for a good analogy is a balance between familiarity and representativeness. But you don't have to be concrete, as you can only use ideas and wording that are well known to you. This will help you make a good analogy.
  • How long is a short analogy essay?
    Typically, this assignment is limited to 500 words. In some cases, your professor can reduce this number to 250-450 words or increase it by 20-30%. It all depends on your subject and topic. But 500 words is the classic word limit.
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Every student at least once faced such an assignment as an analogy essay. Its essence is extremely simple. You have two different things for comparison and analogy. The main feature is that you do not need to form evidence or refute any statements. You can even add a little humor or ironic overtones. There are quite a few interesting topics that you can use for your college task. Here are some examples:

  • Music is like a new form of life
  • Money is like a power
  • Space is like infinity
  • War is like a death

Imagine a blank sheet of paper and a long vertical line. Writing an analogy essay involves comparing and contrasting two things. You should explain the general aspects, ideas, and differences. The plus is that the student can use simple and understandable things to explain something global and complex. For example, you can compare the recycle bin icon on your computer to a regular trash can, describing the process of removing files from your hard drive.

Easy Steps to Use Personal Essay Analogies

Start by looking at the differences in the items that are part of the theme for your paper. The second stage deals with the minimum difference and similarity of each item. Write a paragraph discussing the explanation. 

For example, you can compare career growth to climbing a ladder where each step allows you to climb to a higher floor and see your surroundings. You can even use professional slang. But it should be understood that the analogy is perceived more easily if you select the best examples that are understandable to a wide audience.

Thesis Statement

Any college assignment starts with this part. In this part, you need to indicate your goal and those things that will appear in the main paragraphs. And don't forget that you need to choose the best thesis delivery format for your task. Use an analogy that everyone will understand. For example, alcoholism is similar to a prison term because a drunkard is a hostage of his clouded mind, negatively affecting his family and loved ones.


Now you know that there are the main subject and a secondary one suitable for an analogy. Focus on the most key points of comparison. A short introduction describing your subject will suffice. This custom task is quite tricky, so sometimes you should start with the body and go back to the beginning only at the final stage.

Main Paragraphs

Here you should indicate everything that should characterize both things and point out the fundamental similarities and differences. Even though there are no strict requirements for the structure and stages of disclosure of the essence, the student should be consistent and not forget about the analogy rule.

One of the biggest challenges is a structural analysis of two things. You can concentrate on any feature that will help you draw analogies or find key differences. The hardest part is the need to consistently summarize your perspective towards the end of the main part. This is why the preliminary plan is so important.

Additional Tips

Don't be too fast. You should write in advance a template by which you can indicate the similarities of things and answer the question "So What?" Such a paper also requires summing up and summarizing all the listed features of two things. Try to combine all the paragraphs so that every statement you make sounds logical.

Use Side Help

Sometimes students may not have time to cope with assignments, and custom paper assistance will be the best solution. This is the most logical decision, especially if you can count on an affordable price. A professional writer will complete the task very quickly, so you should buy a cheap paper and not worry about misunderstanding the principles of writing an assignment.

You can always contact us for help. This is logical because only experts can handle complex topics and short deadlines. Your assignment is now in good hands. Relax, and don't worry about your papers. We'll make sure you get the highest grade.